Blogs Roundup

September 12, 2012

Egyptian protestors tore down the American flag and hung and Islamic one in its stead.
13:08 GMT
A Copt in America wants to show his film September 11th in Cairo. Salafists and youth hear that it sheds Mohammed in a bad light and they get upset, protest; Copts protest the film without calling themselves dogs; Yousef backflipping around Kuwait; and Lebanon defeats Iran 1-0 .
This young guy would be in gamers heaven if he visited Dubaii.
08:15 GMT
Game developers say that the ME online gamers community is the fastest growing among others globally and Dubai is their hub; Girlfriend, you better step offf! a scathing critique of Morocco as an occupying force; and a comic about men and sports.

September 11, 2012

Cheer for them but do not mock them by feeling pity.
12:55 GMT
Are we to say things like"Thank God they have something to do!" for the Paralympians? This blogger gives a resounding "NO!"; Lebanon has an amazing graffiti problem; the rich in the Lebanese government get richer; and a tour of Beirut from 100 years past.
Should whole countries have been invaded because of the work of the Al Queda  'cartel'?
08:19 GMT
Professor Juan Cole claims that America’s 9-11 response subverted true American values & liberties; survey says,"Stay out America!"; a campaign to save the freedom of the internet in Jordan; and the life of a transsexual in Saudi Arabia.

September 10, 2012

Suicide is becoming a solution that needs to be eliminated in the Middle East.
12:36 GMT
Though not discussed, taking one's life is a real danger in the Middle East. Following the West's lead, one blogger offers ways to prevent suicide; a first timer at a Lebanese casino gives his take; Wall Street blues; and Sergio Pérez to change teams?
Orwa Nyrabia has been held by the Syrian government since August 23.
08:35 GMT
Robert De Niro is one of many voices from America urging release of Syrian filmmaker Orwa Nyrabia but where are the Arab voices? A Syrian news round up; kitesurfing in Batroun; and Angry Arab only angry at some deaths, not all.

September 9, 2012

Yassine al-Haj Saleh (top) and part of the jacket of his book on 16 years in Syrian jails.
20:04 GMT
Syrian activist who is lost in more ways than one finds himself through writing; California nightmares; A Saudi's struggle with cancer; and a Lebanese dream to space-travel.
The battle at Jordan's pumps is the latest glitch in their struggling decision-making process.
07:45 GMT
People have been worrying more about decision making in Jordan, and the Prime Minister finds himself at the present crux of the debate; a funny contrast of laws in the U.S. and Lebanon; Fascist state of California; and Movie Review: What To Expect When You’re Expecting

September 8, 2012

It may not be by these troops per-say  but America is still causing havoc all over the world.
17:29 GMT
From the drug war to the war on terror, the United States is wreaking havoc around the globe; BBC acknowledges misstatement on Rachel Corrie but refuses correction; a cute Egyptian spokesman who says nothing; and Saudi to run out of oil soon.

September 6, 2012

13-year-old Majed Jaradat was abused by Israeli soldiers.
18:34 GMT
Many incidents of abuse are reported in a new publication ," Breaking The Silence" with shocking admissions from Israeli soldiers about the maltreatment of Palestinian children; Is the Jordanian Parliament designed to fail? Artistic suicide and video from the 1962 Jordanian graduation.
The density of Alawites in Latakia has led to armed Alawi militas.
08:51 GMT
Reports of armed groups of Alawite in the Latakia region reveal all the more the sectarian struggle between Sunna and non-Sunna; Review of the movie "Ted"; Are Kings getting a free pass this Arab Spring; and Arabs in the Iron Man.

September 5, 2012

According to Kuwait Times 88% of Kuwaitis have weight problems.
14:49 GMT
Kuwait could be carrying more than it can bite off: Do 88% of Kuwaitis have a serious weight problem? Egypt's keeping Satan at bay by banning the devil in his metal music disguise; Saudi women fantasize...about cars (but man-free!); And a chuckle-inducing 3 minute short story.
Tunisia may soon find these cakes being back in demand for weddings.
09:02 GMT
One Tunisian Islamist says it is all or nothing with Sharia law and that includes legalizing multiple wives; Satanism in Egypt or just loud music? and cafe owners in Lebanon are protesting for their arguileh. Do they have a point?

September 4, 2012

Kuwait’s Paralympic Athletes
15:17 GMT
Kuwait's secret Paralympic wins; The low-down on Lebanese smoking laws; Why elections matter; Mubarak's frozen British assets.
Fatima Nabil is the first ever covered new anchor for Egyptian TV.
07:45 GMT
A covered woman fills Egyptians in on the latest news and to most outsiders would not know that this is a first for Egypt; Can the Syrian rebels get their act together? A movie review of J-Lo's The Cell; and in support of the Lebanese smoking ban.