Blogs Roundup

May 14, 2012

Walking with no guards says a lot about this ruler
14:01 GMT
Yes people, country rulers have normal lives just like us; Who said looking good was easy; It's the small things that matter.
The Muslim Brotherhood will not ban female circumcision in Egypt but are they now planning on providing it?
09:32 GMT
A blogger tries to find truth in the accusation that the Brotherhood is sanctioning and offering female circumcision; Saudi Arabia pumping billions into solar energy and not oil; and a cool look at the new Mini Cooper

May 13, 2012

 Will hunger striker ever get to hold his beloved daughter in his arms?
14:30 GMT
Still going strong how long will this 75th day of Hunger Strike last, will Tha'ir live to reunite with his daughter or will they meet in Heaven?; I demand more answers from the American Media; Imagine a life without mother's; Have you ever experienced a grueling Kaff on the face.
Palestinians enter into a new level of strike and support
04:26 GMT
A 66 year old Palestinian father refuses food to support his imprisoned son and to honor his other two who were killed; a cartoon of support for the hunger strikers; and a Westerner stands with the strikers

May 10, 2012

Even the Avengers couldn't keep their hands off this delicious Arabian street food!
14:04 GMT
Iron Man wants to try Shawarma; If you ever experience road rage than know you're in Egypt; Honoring Palestinian women young and old; Controversy on Egypt's Presidential Elections still raging.
Does a terrorist group have their own unmanned car just like Google?
03:14 GMT
Panic alert? An org linked to Al Qaeda no longer needs suicide bombers in order to kill; A perceptive, feminist view of how to topple the Iranian regime using sex; and an interview with Yazan Kalifeh

May 9, 2012

And the legend of Carter lives on
14:51 GMT
Howard Carter's memory lives on with Google; We can never thank out teacher's enough; Bahraini cops rack detainees; Apple is finally releasing the iPad 3 in Saudi Arabia; 10 things you never knew about Howard Carter.
Sometimes a tanning can become an addiction
07:32 GMT
Women around the world like to beautify their skin-- some more than others; An Anglo American loves Saudi and defends them; and is it allowed to break a promise in Islam

May 8, 2012

Free your voices and be heard
14:15 GMT
An Iraqi journalist calls out for her freedom; #EgyElections campaign Ads; Apple releases iOS 5.1.1.
A woman sustained 5 million dollars worth of harassment for wearing a hijab
01:47 GMT
A jury sympathized with an American convert to Islam to the tune of 5 million dollars; the establishment of Israel remembered as a catastrophe; and a "You might be an Arab if.." daily quote

May 7, 2012

Iran is not  amused by Google's silence on naming the Gulf
11:39 GMT
Google avoided putting any labels on the Gulf to avoid controversy--it didn't work; A guided tour of the late Coptic Pope Shenouda's shrine; and an Egyptian looks at what France's new president means for him
There is nothing like spring time like in Egypt
09:42 GMT
Spring in Egypt couldn't get any better; Spider man's back folks! The double standards of homosexuality portrayed in a Lebanese cartoon.

May 6, 2012

How do you talk to someone who just doesn't like gay people?
16:23 GMT
With all blogs from Lebanon: A straight Beiruti shares how to talk to a homophobic; Ivy warns mothers of the poisonous women itching for their sons, and a movie review
Palestinian remember the hunger striking prisoners during their times of prayer
10:23 GMT
Juan Cole give a great summary with linking articles of the strikers; Falk laments the lack of coverage by most reputable media sources; and the Egyptian delegation to Saudi is a bit over the top
Sky News is to launch its Arabic channel
02:18 GMT
Sky news joins the global news networks to have gone the Arabic way as BBC, launching its 24-hour Arabic news channel; Job-hunting as one Arab blog-ess abroad observes is driving job seekers to desperate measures; Since Bin Laden's Death; And social rites of passage using speedos.