Blogs Roundup

February 25, 2012

Saudi Arabia's clerics have made the controversial decision to condemn those who rally up protests.
14:24 GMT
Some of Saudi Arabia's top religious clerics are claiming that protesting in itself as an act goes against Islam; Is there a feminist political party in the pipeline in Lebanon? ; Advertising in Lebanon: hilarious case study or cautionary tale; A Lebanese blogger asked and 39- and counting- answered: what is the Lebanese expat experience?

February 23, 2012

Egypt and the global arena are watching the Mubarak trial with eager attentiveness.
15:08 GMT
In spite of reports that the Mubarak trial is turning into a complete fiasco, here are some updates on this year's most scrutinized trial; The Syrian dilemma- Why no one is intervening? ; On the other side of the coin: What the international community can do to help Syria.
What will the future hold for Yemen?
09:58 GMT
Saleh's long-standing Vice President remains uncontested in Yemen's elections? Surprise surprise; Is Israel taking advantage of the Arab Spring to destroy Al-Aqsa and surround areas? ; Iranian food- enough said; 10 Survival tips for Arab brides-to-be.

February 22, 2012

Could sabotage procedures against the Syrian regime put the U.S. and the Syrian resistance in hot water?
22:15 GMT
Sabotage is one way to get what you want, but should the Syrian resistance be using such tactics? ; Sometimes leaving is the only way to keep loving your homeland; Two Jordanian bloggers reflects on that heartbreaking subject, coming of age; Are the standards around monogamy too high?
Like a tattoo, Khader Adnan is marked onto the pages of Palestinian history. (Image source: "")
11:15 GMT
In light of Palestinian hunger striker, Khader Adnan's release date, supporters, activists and family are rejoicing; Sorrow spills over over the death of Syrian online activist Rami Ahmad Al Sayid; Tunisian journalists have a big responsibility towards change.

February 21, 2012

Intestines- Mightier than the pen and the sword.
19:01 GMT
“The Battle of empty Intestines"- In light of Khader Adnan's struggle, here's a history of hunger strikers in Palestine; Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh bids adieu, but have we seen the last of him? ; The Foreign Guide to the Maneuvering Beirut's city streets; Does the Arab Spring have room for an Algerian revolution?
Twitter censorship: Kuwaiti Mohammad al-Mulaifi is not the first and won't be the last to be arrested for 'controversial' tweets. (image source: "")
09:06 GMT
Due to a remark deemed anti-Shia, Kuwaiti Mohammad al-Mulaifi has been detained. He's not the first or the last to be arrested due to Twitter's censorship minefield; The Arab Spring was a secularist failure; Lebanese menus get pescatarian for Lent; Lebanese celebrity weddings.

February 20, 2012

The sands of time may rip at this flag, but the resolve of the Libyan people remains.
13:34 GMT
With one of the most bizarre dictators, Libya can celebrate its freedom one year on from the revolution; Morocco's main telecom provider blocks Skype; Egypt's NGO controversy- Has the U.S. gone too far? ; More of that Middle Eastern "flowery behavior".
The Syrian flag hangs hight, but is still surrounded by unrest- on- and offline.
09:06 GMT
Syria's ordeals is going on beyond its ravaged streets and hidden shelters. These battles are extended to the intangible online world. From arrested bloggers to pro-regime trolls, these bloggers lament, contemplate and discuss all things Syria.

February 19, 2012

Even FBI agents do a "whoopsie". Luckily, Obama made it safe and sound to the G20 Summit in France.
14:03 GMT
A Lebanese man working in a French cafe managed to save Obama's France visit security dossier from getting into the wrong hands; Arming the Syrian Free Army- yay or nay? ; Playing the dumb foreigner won't get you out of domestic abuse charges- who knew! ; Books- a love story; Are smart women just settling?
A special 'massage' device in 1960's Lebanon uncovered- shown for illustrative purposes.
09:59 GMT
A rare find on the streets of Lebanon gives good vibrations; The new child custody laws of Jordan; Is Islamic hegemony overwhelming Egypt's non-Muslim community? ; The awkward moment when Microsoft's new logo is made on a Mac- one blogger discovers; Kuwait shows its love of vintage cars.

February 18, 2012

Razan Ghazzawi was arrested at work, according to her sister Nadine. (Image source: "")
06:30 GMT
As the Syrian regime clutches at straws, iconic Syrian blogger Razan Ghazzawi is arrested again; Revered and beloved journalist Anthony Shadid passed away in Syria; The Lebanese Civil War is over and the electricity still isn't back; Fashion Recessionista Arab-style.

February 16, 2012

Hosni Mubarak on a gurney, Suzanne Mubarak possibly under house arrest- these two have probably seen better Valentine's Days.
14:54 GMT
Egyptian Valentine's Day jokes from the heart of the revolution; Israelis make inappropriate comments about Palestinian children deaths on Facebook; Saudi humor T-shirts, ranging from cool to laugh out loud funny; Beirut's night time activities revealed; Friendship- that everlasting love.
Khader Adnan was not the first and will not be the last to be imprisoned for reasons unknown- shown for illustrative purposes.
09:58 GMT
Self-sacrifice is nothing new to the Holy Land. Palestinian Prisoner, Khader Adnan, is on Day 61- and counting- of his hunger strike, wasting away for unjust imprisonment; Syrian smartphones can't outsmart censoring software; The CIA Country Infiltration Guide- unofficially.

February 15, 2012

This isn't the first time that Google has found itself in a less than savory position in the complex world of international relations.
14:29 GMT
Adding to its banning wish list, Iran has blocked more of Google's products, including YouTube and Gmail; Caricatures via banners should be the next big thing; Breakfast dessert could help you lose weight, studies say; Lost your passport in Jordan? Here's a how-to-guide on dealing with this monumentally irritating situation.