Blogs Roundup

November 28, 2011

Egypt's elections with more people than ever lining up to vote, since the revolutionary year of 2011, may be a little more chaotic than usual.
17:00 GMT
As queues of voters take their positions to vote in Egypt's parliamentary elections, Google develops a tool to us in navigating the complicated scene of voting that is Egypt's; After Israel threatens to ban electricity and water, a blogger wonders if 'air' is next; Rachel Corrie in a hit-song; And games from Jordan and Palestine.
People Visit Berlin Holocaust Memorial Information Center.
11:25 GMT
A local blogger introduces his own 'Jewish question'; Mideastern Bloggers are still getting punished; And what of the new Libyan currency in new democratically-aspiring Libya?

November 27, 2011

How to reconcile the root of your best female friendships as a product of your best friend's womanizing.
14:42 GMT
A womanizing charmer as a best friend; The latest on the stand-off between the Arab League and Syria is like versus like; Love training- and how relationships are like 'jobs'; A tank tries to flatten protesters in Saudi; the anti-pork campaign spreads in Qatar.
Lebanon's Myriam Achkar loses her life at the hands of a rapist-murderer who happens to be Syrian.
11:08 GMT
A sordid tale of a woman leaving her prayers to walk home and facing a violent finish from a sick man opens up a can of sectarian worms, anti-Syria sentiment and debate on workers and immigration; To vote or not to vote on the Egyptian morrow; And 'Time' editorial lines of the world contrast to that of the USA.

November 26, 2011

Arabic Twitter floods the Twittersphere.
19:00 GMT
The Arabic language storms Twitter with plenty of Tweet-worthy material spilling out of the Middle East; 2011 - a year to remember; Mona Al Tahawy straight out of Tahrir; Saudi Arabia and Iran and war not peace? And a Mideastern voice speaks out against gender violence.

November 24, 2011

When Starbucks comes to a head with the Turkish Coffee House,  the Guardian chooses the Arabian coffee tradition.
16:00 GMT
How the Turkish Coffee house could teach the world a thing or two about buzzing conversation: a standoff with the American coffee shop; Mona ElTahawy released from Egyptian detention Tweets and Talks about her ordeal; The fate of Libyan loyalists at the UN; And the two sides to any story -- including Israel-Palestine.
In Part 2 of the Egypt Revolution back at Tahrir, it's not camels and horses that are out in force but motorbikes bearing Egyptian heroes rather than Mubarak's mafia.
13:00 GMT
In the first round of revolutions, we saw camels and horse, now Tahrir brings you motorbikes in this spectacle of violence and heroics; Day 5 at Tahrir's massacre and sorry outcome; More from the Diaries of a Single Arab woman; And homeless thoughts for the day.
Horse-racing, traditionally a male sport, with its side-saddle options for the skirted ladies breaking into the sport, 
is not the most obvious sport that Saudi Arabia would concede to choosing for their token female entry.
11:49 GMT
Saudi Arabia enters a token woman horse-rider to challenge its ban from the Olympics; Kuwait in Gulf fashion, makes records with its large monument; Syria's saga continues as does the banned media and reportage; and Yemen makes movies.

November 23, 2011

Marry me! A Muslim marriage comes to fruition at Wall Street: Occupied by love.
09:48 GMT
A Muslim wedding at 'Wall Street' reminds of marriages at Tahrir and raises questions on wedlock in mutiny; Tahrir re-occupied, while America still Occupied; It's all emanating from Tahrir, apart from mobile phone signals; Taking issue with terms as twee as Arab Spring; And Egypt replay button explained.

November 22, 2011

The beginning of the end for Arab Christians-- Is the original breed of Christianity to become extinct with the revolutions?
When did survival of the fittest exclude Arabs of the Christian variety/
13:41 GMT
A dying breed-- Arab Christians under threat? Israel's new plans for a "segregated" Jewish development in northern Israel ignore this Palestinian plot of land; Is this a country of free press and even 'freer' action (to bulldoze Palestinian property); The return of Tahrir -- just when you thought they'd had their day at Tahrir; And Beirut's solution to its polluted landscape: a green 'Beirutopia'.
The Cedar flags come out in celebration of unity rather than in demonstration or political posturing & stirring: 22.11.11.
12:37 GMT
Lebanese Independence Day 2011, like other years in the Lebanese calendar is a subdued almost unsettling celebration of unity and all things Lebanon; A Lebanese pop-icon is back in action in Lebanon's 'twin' pleasure capital Dubai; Lebanon vis-a-vis Australia; and the naked question redressed for Egypt?

November 21, 2011

Jeddah's tragic school fire of 2002 became the story of trapped schoolgirls unable to leave their high-walled 'haremed' classrooms in time.
14:28 GMT
Unlike the fire of 2002 at Jeddah, the school girls got out alive, helped by the teacher heroics; How to tie your scarf, men and women; AUB-Gate: a scandal for Beirut's pride and joy Alma Mater; Arab sanctions proposed for Syria; And an apple for the teacher (featured in honor of the Saudi deceased teachers).
Back to Tahrir, the kids come out to play.
09:47 GMT
Egypt Tahrir kids carry on with the struggle against their new enemy, a tempting treat to some Gazan food specialty and when sharing is not caring (the downsides of marriage).

November 20, 2011

Israelis stoked up by the dare-devil Egyptian girl Aliaa Megdah AlMahdi are used to 'free love' with their 'Love Parade' spin off tradition. This scandalous show comes as less a surprise in Israel than it would in an Arab population as Egypt. Photo credit to Anat Cohen, courtesy of YnetNews.
12:26 GMT
Israelis strip for Egypt: When it takes nudity & 'humor' to bring Israel to the same side of the fence as Arabs; Egypt & Israel's cross-'border' tensions are forgotten for one candid moment of females freeing themselves from clothes & politics; Lebanon press is displeased with their leader rendition of Benetton's 'Love' or unhate campaign; Syria's future; And interfaith marriage.
(Left) Saudi Arabia ponders a decision to clamp down on attractive, particularly stunning, eyes; while Egypt shows more and more flesh in at least one revolutionary stunt. See more on Aliaa's stated position in Al Bawaba's special Blog Roundup.
10:48 GMT
Why 'she' posed naked, shares the revolutionary stripper for Egypt in an exclusive to CNN that has seared through cybersphere faster than the speed of Arab revolutions!; Gay Day scheduled for Egypt's start of 2012; Saudi ladies should show less eye! And more...