Blogs Roundup

April 11, 2012

Even the Arab World has its super geeks, wreaking havoc on Pro-Israeli website
12:36 GMT
Egyptians hack the President because of criticism of Hazim Salah Abu Ismael; Lebanese Maid Suicides Explained; Rumor Mongering for Lebanon's Dr. Geagea.

April 10, 2012

An Iraqi tea-boy serves sweet tea
20:43 GMT
Musical tea phenomenon! An Iraqi tea tender clanks away with his tea-cups to make chai-music; Meet the Egyptian presidential candidates, in a graphic, user-friendly chart by face; Kuwait's Sunni-Shia Twitter war; Iran threatens to turn against its own internet with a shut-down.
The Titanic remembered at the 100 year anniversary of its ill-fated sailing.
14:24 GMT
On the hundred year anniversary of the most talked about sinking, The Titanic, we remember the Arabs and specifically Lebanese aboard who- never a race to queue - died shoving their way to the boats.

April 9, 2012

'Interrogator' & 60 Minute Mike Wallace got the Khomeini to predict the late Anwar Sadat's death in interview
11:08 GMT
How the late Mike Wallis, remembered for his feared 60-minute interrogations, got Khomeini to call Anwar Sadat's death; a foreign family living in Egypt shares their winning philosophy; get nostalgic with Etta James; and catch up on Arabs Got Talent
9 years to this day, April 9 2012, that Iraq was invaded by the US.
09:16 GMT
On the 9th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, calling for peace while meeting the oldest Iraqi blogger on the block; Why I left Israel; Durex marketing gets wild in Dubai.

April 8, 2012

What the world doesn't understand about the Arab Spring: Looking back to Andalusia and Muslim Spain's tolerance
13:18 GMT
How to frame the Arab Spring- from an insider perspective looking back upon Moorish Spain; Roba from Jordan waxes lyrical about Boing Boing the news-blog forum; Powerful Women-- men tread with caution; And 'read' about Lebanon.
Lebanon makes it 3rd in a top ten places to celebrate Easter survey.
10:01 GMT
On the occasion of Palm Sunday we recall and celebrate that Lebanon - popular at any time of the year- scores 3rd in a top ten places to spend Easter- hallelujah!; The return of the reader: back to reading; 12 positives that follow a mistake - a dozen lessons to keep!

April 7, 2012

Google Spectacles provide HUD in a pair of Goggle lenses
21:29 GMT
If these latest Google Glasses become the fashion, Lebanon's fashion parades or streets will be crammed with them; Pulling that marathon all nighter - the night plotted out for a chuckle; Art reviews on the Middle East unveil liberal arts from conservative nations.

April 6, 2012

While others were getting chocolate hearts and paper cards, an abused runaway maid was being assaulted by a police officer- Shown for illustrative purposes.
23:55 GMT
In light of the Ethiopian maid suicide, a horrifying story of a Lebanese officer raping a maid on the international day of love surfaces; Kuwait ranks at 31 on the happiness scale; An Egyptian magazine blast from the past- 'Daughters of the Nile'; Baby-style alcohol bottles.

April 5, 2012

Known for having a freer environment than surrounding gulf countries, the UAE still aims to monitor derogatory comments about state and government.
13:39 GMT
In light of recent social networking snafus, Dubai police is putting all its efforts into watching websites like Twitter and Facebook on a 24-hour basis to prevent anti-UAE sentiments; More information on the Muslim Brotherhood's surprising presidential candidate; Samir Geagea's almost assassination; Jordan in the springtime; In the land of coffee and donuts.

April 4, 2012

Is International Law allowing certain countries to avoid responsibility?
14:21 GMT
International law is an essential part of international relations, but sometimes it creates loopholes where faulty state behavior goes overlooked; Lebanon news via Internet memes; Was being a Muslim Shaima Al-Awadi's only crime?
Lebanon has small, but surviving, Jewish community. - Shown for illustrative purposes
11:00 GMT
One of Lebanon's few remaining synagogues opens for prayer for the first time in decades in light of a tour sponsored by the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta International movement; Mohamed Merah is a French problem, not a Muslim one; Is the Muslim Brotherhood homogenizing Egypt? Sidon Synagogue Opens for Prayers: First Time in Decades

April 3, 2012

From the pages of the Internet to the walls of Cairo, Twitter has left its mark all over the revolution.
19:17 GMT
There is no denying the role of social media in the Arab Spring, so here is a look at one of the pioneers, Sultan Al Qassemi; Women put in a box- literally and discursively; Lebanon's graffiti- a sign of the times? ; A book about love, Peanuts-style; Eat after reading!
Lebanon will be getting its game on at the 2012 Olympics!
08:44 GMT
In some exciting sports news, two Lebanese female athletes qualify for the Olympics- one for table tennis, the other taekwondo; Jordan's Lifetime diplomatic passport fiasco! ; U.S. withdrawal from Iraq is hardly a situation changer in the region; In the context of Palestine, there is no divorcing politics and economics.

April 2, 2012

The idea of nuclear power plants in the Middle East is already making foreign forces queasy and hostile. So would one in Lebanon cause more conflict?
13:10 GMT
For better or worse, there is talk that Lebanon is in the preparation stages of opening a nuclear power plant in an attempt to resolve the electricity crisis; Haifa Wehbe and Elissa- Bosom buddies? ; Right on the heels of April's Fools Day is World Autism Awareness Day!