Blogs Roundup

February 15, 2012

Passion. Strife. Separation. Tragedy. Just another day in Middle Eastern Romantic folklore. (Image source: "")
11:48 GMT
Shakespeare isn't the only one to master romantic tragedy. It has been the bread and olive oil of Arab folklore for centuries; What you didn't know about female genital mutilation; The Lebanese are ranked #6 on the list of most romantic around the world; Feb 14 or Hariri Day? ; Palestine Press Photos from across history.

February 14, 2012

One year on: Bahrain is still the least fiery of the revolutions.
14:37 GMT
It is one year today since the 'Bahraini' Spring. Activists and citizens alike wonder, will this undercooked revolution reach full ignition? ; Playing the Valentine's Day blame game: Blame it on yourself, not religion; Battered, but unshaken: The Syrian resistance keeps powering through; Interview with an Egyptian Presidential Candidate.
Even Israeli apartheid will not put a damper on Valentine's Day in Palestine.
10:30 GMT
Israeli apartheid may stand in the way of love geographically, but not in spirit; Lebanese February 14th memes; Palestinian refugees are not getting any more love from UNRWA this year; Demonstrations Jordanian-style; Kuwait implements public smoking ban- maybe.

February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day or Single Awareness Day? Depends on what side of the crumpled wrapping paper you're looking at.
13:58 GMT
Your guide to surviving the glare and stigma of Single Awareness Day, the one day of the year dedicated to making singles feel worthless; One woman's experience marrying a closeted gay man; Your guide to writing about Salfis; 10 Photos that represent the Arab Spring.
There is no lack of wondrous bookshops, as can be seen in this bookstore in China.
10:29 GMT
Do you love bookshops? Yes? Then you're going to love these 20 stunning bookshops from around the globe; 'Cinderella' may never have demanded her rights, but that doesn't mean every woman shouldn't; Happy Darwin Day! ; The dilemma of corruption in Palestine.

February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston as some of us will remember her. She passed away at the age of 48.
14:56 GMT
Greatly popular in the Middle East, Whitney Houston has passed away at the age of 48 in the infamous Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles; Asma Al Assad's fake official website gets "hacked"; More on the Syrian debate; A Mexican experiences the oddity that is Beirut; Innovation in design: amazingly cool shelves made out of pipes!
In spite of Mubarak's ousting and Baradei's withdrawal, are there viable alternatives for the presidential candidacy?
08:53 GMT
Mohamed El Baradei's refuters claim he was not up to the responsibility in the first place; 700 Palestinian prisoners start a hunger strike; What if western media was from the point of view of Iran? American comedy website The Onion explores; Make your own Valentine's Day- themed frame.

February 11, 2012

The future is burning bright for Dubai's international status, but big business seems to be eating up smaller competition.
16:54 GMT
Is Dubai, in fact, the last place for new business? Business experts weigh in; A rebuttal for the "Shit People Say About Israel" video; Kuwait Times gets.. interesting.. with its editorial picture choices; The problem with "cultured" people and pseudo-intellectuals.

February 9, 2012

The Holy Kingdom of the two Mosques is the last setting for slurs on the Prophet (PBUH).
15:04 GMT
Hamza Kashgari has since fled the scene of his "crime" against the Prophet (PBUH); 1 Human year = 12 months. 1 Lebanese prison year = 9 months; The American Red Cross doesn't recognize Palestine in its database; The full text of the Doha Declaration between Hamas and Fatah; An act of kindness in giving away a (sterling) pound.
Apparently, employers in the Middle East favor skills over experience.
10:31 GMT
In Spite of today's difficult employment terrain, here are some reassuring stats of hiring practices in the Middle Eastern; A Saudi journalist flees his homeland over controversial tweets; Is Syria the new problem state of the region? ; Political prisoner Khader Adnan is on Day 54 of his hunger strike; Electronic engineers = quirky artists? Apparently, so.

February 8, 2012

A Still from the video "Shit Middle Eastern Guys Say".
14:38 GMT
In response to the "Shit Middle Eastern Girls Say" phenomenon, here's some stuff that you might hear Middle Eastern guys say; Challenging Middle Eastern cultural codes, break dancing finds its way to Gaza; Not all donating is charity- donating arms creates moral ambiguities; Russian FM Lavrov's visit yields mixed reactions.
Shown for illustrative purposes- Writing: Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
09:01 GMT
Much like a steps program, writing has similar phases that all writers have to endure; Charlie Chaplain's vintage, somewhat obscure speech on dictatorship still resonates 70 years later; The violence of a word: Why this blogger speaks against the word "binit"; Female friends = unsubtle matchmakers.

February 7, 2012

Shown for illustrative purposes- Could this sexist perception change with more women behind the camera?
14:39 GMT
According to Lebanese sketch and comedy shows, rape humor is the norm and women are nothing but superficial shopholics. Is this what comedy has degenerated into? ; Gaza is a beacon of hidden historical treasures and artifacts; Lebanon suffers from "first world problems"- Stuck without Skybar!
Jordan's military has toughened up over the last decade.
10:33 GMT
Surprisingly, Jordan has been listed the 5th most militarized country in the world! What's more shocking is that the U.S. isn't even in the top five! ; Jordan needs to care more about climate change- or else; Would you marry a plumber? ; Maya Diab shows that less.. is less; Make your own Valentine's Day card this year!

February 6, 2012

Shown strictly for illustrative purposes- Hilary Clinton speaks to the Press at the UN Security Council meeting on Syria.
15:08 GMT
The U.S. has been critical of China and Russia's decision to veto, but seems to have overlooked its own 241 or so vetoes in the past 40 years; Cairo isn't the only place with instability; Kuwait's election disappointment; The Saudi women drivers saga continued.