Blogs Roundup

December 22, 2011

From nakedness to exposed brassiers, Egypt's events are leading the forefront for the feminist debate in the Middle East. (Image source: "")
14:46 GMT
The Arab Spring has sprung a gender a revolution with "Tahrir Girl" as a possible poster child; Female protester are not taking gender violence lying down; an ode to a semi-colon; Is Hamas bidding the Iran-Syria alliance goodbye? ; The Best of the best- of 2011; Yes logo for this designer.
The Syrians can't do it alone. Maybe like other fledgling revolution states, they require an intervention.
10:56 GMT
Unlike popular belief, one Jordanian blogger believes that Syria is in desperate need for external help; Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" choice is not to be trusted; The ugly face of the Egyptian revolution; Saudi Arabia's water situation- is it serious? ; Creativity blooms in the world of illustration!

December 21, 2011

Arab Artist Hasan Hajjaj's work "M.U.S.A". (Image courtesy of "")
15:48 GMT
Contemporary Arab artists ride the tides of change as Arab art gains greater recognition and momentum; Twitter users prefer a personal touch to their news; One blogger complains that Jordanians have forgotten their pride; Keep those Christmas calories off- the practical way! ; One Voice Movement's International Education Program- the highlights!
Iconic photograph showing Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz seated between Um Kulthoum and Tawfiq Al-Hakim. (Image courtesy of: "")
09:57 GMT
Arab intellectuals and writers give their top 5 Arabic must-reads; Find out what happens on the 12th day of Stress-mas! ; Obesity is becoming a health problem for the Middle East's poor; Academic Joshua Landis reports on Syria's critical security situation.

December 20, 2011

Flowery flattery and niceties can get you far in Arab social circles. (Image courtesy of "")
14:09 GMT
Are you not feeling Arab enough? Maybe your Arab pleasantries are not up to par! ; Is the Arab Spring a sham? ; Has Obama's "change" reached Muslim Arabia?; You're getting married! Guess whose not invited? You, says the Israeli government!
Translation: "To the companion, friend, honorable, purist and dearest, this is how we saw you." (Image and translation courtesy of "")
10:53 GMT
One Palestinian blogger expresses his deep apologies to "Tahrir Girl", voicing a sentiment shared by many Arabs around the world; Santa needs an iPhone for his 3.7 billion appointments; Sexist adverts are nothing new, but one Lebanese blogger points out some truly atrocious ones; Jordan might speak out over the Dead Sea Scrolls; Iraq's shocking numbers.

December 19, 2011

Qataris raise their heads and their flags with pride.
12:06 GMT
Happy National Day, Qatar! ; More violence caught on video in Bahrain- one blogger reprimands; World's richest Arabs listed! ; The stories behind "The Cherry Tree Carol" told.
Quirky humor is set to plague Bin Talal's "solid investment" in Twitter. (Image courtesy of "")
10:07 GMT
Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal now the proud shareholder of 3% of Twitter company shares; Syrian blogger is no longer a jailbird, according to her sister's tweets; Lebanese Apple lovers are in for a possible Apple product cull; One US-based blogger contemplates atheism's age-old conundrum: Who came first?; Governance without humanity and compassion is not worth having.

December 18, 2011

The image seen around the world of the Egyptian exposed woman. (Image courtesy of "")
13:11 GMT
An image that could change the way the world views Egypt and the Egyptian army- is the Arab Spring getting a bad name? ; Lebanon's new electoral laws are said to promote sectarianism- Surprise Surprise! ; Sweden paves the way to gender-neutral education; Amman's Friday Market is a source of beautiful photography; Tunisia's Gunnushi shouts libel.
Viral videos are showing extreme cases of violence against protesters.
09:49 GMT
Violence against Egyptian protesters caught on video- and goes viral; What you do if you could return to a liberated Palestine; 13 Ways to help the Syrian Opposition.

December 17, 2011

Allenby Bridge
12:04 GMT
Israelis cross the Jordanian border to make claims for Great Israel or other internal Jerusalem territorial disputes; The threat to America of the 'All American Muslim'; The roadblock for Jewish worshippers in the US; Christmas in the Holy Land; And cupcakes compete!

December 15, 2011

Razan Ghazzawi could be serve three to fifteen years for each charge. (Image courtesy of "")
15:00 GMT
The charges against Razan Ghazzawi are finally revealed; The industry of war has caused more damage than good; "Unity, Freedom, Socialism" is no longer the slogan of the hour for Syria; Kuwait puts breaks on Lebanese work Visas; Nasrallah is criticized for his Ashura speech.
Cast members on a panel hosted by TLC.
10:32 GMT
The Florida Family Association's petition against TLC's "All-American Muslim" hits home with some advertisers, who yanked their adverts off the air; One picture maintains anti-Palestinian stereotypes; Legal action against a murderous mom and four minors; Sexism plagues citizenship laws in Lebanon- again; "Loyalists" blast foreign press, instead of facing the truth.

December 14, 2011

Mohamed Bouazizi's mother, Mannoubia Bouazizi, looks on to his memory. (Image courtesy of "")
14:30 GMT
Marking the Arab Spring's first anniversary, "The Protester" is named Time's Person of the Year for 2011; Your simplified guide to the second phase of the Egyptian elections; One blogger says "no" to neo-conservatism; Who "invented" who, wonders a blogger about Gingrich's comments; What you never knew about the music industry.
Marzouki waves the victory flag. (Image courtesy of "")
09:56 GMT
Tunisia paves the path to Democracy- again; Women can offer a fresh perspective on fatwa interpretation; Lebanese expatriates are given opportunity to claim citizenship; The topsy-turvy state of Middle Eastern technology.