Blogs Roundup

June 20, 2012

Is he unconscious or has Mubarak entered eternal sleep?
06:29 GMT
Some said he was clinically dead but others report he is unconscious and on a respirator; the truth abut what goes on inside the men's bathroom; protests at Sudanese universities; and is the MB structure like a Christian Bible Study?

June 19, 2012

Microsoft offers a tablet with a keyboard, stand and Windows O/S
11:26 GMT
Can anyone hold a candle to Apple's Ipad? Microsoft is trying with the new Surface : a tablet featuring a keyboard, full OS and a stand; why Saudi women receive so much jewelry; and the beauty of Arab lettering.
Americans top the cake as heaviest in the world, and then they eat that very cake
09:32 GMT
It seems Americans and Arabs have a common love for fatty foods since their people are the fattest; a personal account of an ex-pat Syrian having to engage in the suffering from afar; and the BMW M5 is a car to be reckoned with

June 18, 2012

This tomato has been declared infedelicous by the Salafiis of Lebanon
11:23 GMT
Lebanese Salafists have declared tomatoes as Christian and therefore forbidden for consumption; a cool new groove coming out of Amman, Jordan; and a chance for free airline tickets to any aspiring photographer
We'll be seeing Morsi a whole lot more.
10:07 GMT
When we look at the numbers, you can see by how much more Morsi won for those who want to see more; Ever wonder what goes though an Arab woman's mind in America before an interview? and seven ways to wipe out Dubai's debt

June 17, 2012

The UN and the Assads are parting ways.. for now.
15:35 GMT
The escalation on both sides of the Syrian conflict is too much for the UN even to observe; Starbucks in Kuwait raises their prices; a review of the Samsung Galaxy 3; and a young man sings about the Mall of Dubai
Prometheus got mixed reviews but don't tell this lady that.
07:09 GMT
A Three Hour Bore? Prometheus pushes the line between epic and lethargic; A look at the Copts and their fear of the Muslim Brotherhood; Move over Instagram, here comes Filter Mania; and the death of Saudi Prince Nayef.

June 14, 2012

Can you Insha Allah a post on Facebook? One news site thought you could.
14:33 GMT
Attending, Maybe (Inshallah), Not Attending: A funny joke turned into codified news in the click of a like button; the most expensive place to live in the entire Middle East is not Gulf Country: and a movie review for The Flowers of War
With African roots, should President Obama be more supportive of polygamous marriages?
08:56 GMT
Obama said 'Yes, We Can' but to Africans and Muslims, he says things a little more vague; Lebanese and their football are a funny thing; Who are the Muslim Brotherhood; and a plea to Saudi King Abdullah to let the wives drive.

June 13, 2012

Support for Palestine is paramount to being psychologically unstable?!
13:13 GMT
When It's 'gay' to love Palestine: Apparently, the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland does not find justice a manly pursuit; a Salafi walks in to a club, with a drink in hand? So much to do in Lebanon this weekend; and earn points while sitting on the couch and watching football.
Are the sheikhs and other clergy in Beirut helpful int he political processes of the country?
11:44 GMT
Instead of censoring them, perhaps the best way to limit the influence from clergy in Lebanon is to ignore them; Marrakech bread made right; Palestinian Beauty; and the myth of a new regime in Egypt

June 12, 2012

Is Egypt living up to its fairy tales of old or creating a disturbing  next chapter?
14:09 GMT
"A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there used to be a planet called Earth, and on this planet there was a country called Egypt.."; the world's most expensive billboard include a jetpack! and Syria exposes a pathetic cosmos.
Do you know what a retina display is and why it is so exciting?  Read on about this new technology.
08:15 GMT
The new MacBook Pro, with its new retina display and a starting price tag over 2k American dollars, is what has Arab bloggers buzzing; and Kuwait has an amazing amount of Tweeters and texters compared to other ME countries

June 11, 2012

On their way to a better life?
11:35 GMT
Where the polling booth ends and the mosque begins in Egypt; can women ever really understand Arab men?; sounds about as likely as resolving the Israel/Palestine crisis and lastly, just a small name drop for Al Bawaba!

June 10, 2012

Beirut: a hedonist's dream
11:14 GMT
The comic side of the Beirut dating scene; how to escape the occupation with an oud; Kuwait women's beach volleyball team heads to China and what happens when the FBI won't leave you alone