Blogs Roundup

June 25, 2012

Is religion part of the Lebanese conflict or not?
12:26 GMT
The clash between Shia and Sunni can not be explained away in Lebanon; a cool new vest, literally; where to eat in Amman; and how man should be more like pizzas
Morsi wins and the world takes a puase and a breath
08:03 GMT
It is official and we have the Egyptian reaction, which is one of pride and trepidation; 'Gulfies' are heavy because of Americans and their love for war and fast food; witchcraft in Saudi; and a comic to start your day.

June 24, 2012

A Kuwaiti Lamborghini getting towed and many are happy
12:27 GMT
The rules in St. Tropez apparently are not the same in Kuwait as a Lamborghini gets towed and people cheer; Palestinian refugee camp unfairly targeted; Syrian military leaders want Assad out; and Iftar for non-Muslims
Save your laptop and your fertility by putting the computers on a Tawleh
08:57 GMT
No more burnt laps and or overheated laptops sitting on pillows, the Tawleh is the real deal! Syrian blogger's mother was killed last week and the netizens mourn her loss; toilet habits in the MENA; and women's rights in Saudi

June 23, 2012

Protesters at Sahafa street in Khartoum.
19:43 GMT
Sudanese people are taking serious action; Egyptians are supporting Sudan; Microsoft is re-writing history by copying Apple again; Prepare for Batman movie and learn how to engrave your mobile phone with Batman logos.

June 21, 2012

The poster says “ Sudanese Student “youth” Sudanese Youth Right Movement the Syrian uprising is supporting you and with you until death.
15:05 GMT
We had seen several clips of Sudanese youth protesting in support of the youth movement in Syria and now we are seeing the same support from Syrians for Sudan; bloggers arrested in Sudan and is the Egyptian army all that bad?
Two dollars for a gallon of gas may no longer just be  a dream
07:07 GMT
With Saudi increasing oil output, along with several other factors, the world can expect cheap gas prices once again; Special OPs is too special for the MENA region; a shawarma at home; and what the Qur'an says about women, in picture

June 20, 2012

The New Aston Martin Vanquish: It looks like it's moving even in park.
13:22 GMT
The new Aston Martin Vanquish is bound to turn heads. See the exclusive pics! Momma and Baba's Day are very different for some; Syria revealed (with video of a photographer being shot while filming); and art from Amman
Is he unconscious or has Mubarak entered eternal sleep?
06:29 GMT
Some said he was clinically dead but others report he is unconscious and on a respirator; the truth abut what goes on inside the men's bathroom; protests at Sudanese universities; and is the MB structure like a Christian Bible Study?

June 19, 2012

Microsoft offers a tablet with a keyboard, stand and Windows O/S
11:26 GMT
Can anyone hold a candle to Apple's Ipad? Microsoft is trying with the new Surface : a tablet featuring a keyboard, full OS and a stand; why Saudi women receive so much jewelry; and the beauty of Arab lettering.
Americans top the cake as heaviest in the world, and then they eat that very cake
09:32 GMT
It seems Americans and Arabs have a common love for fatty foods since their people are the fattest; a personal account of an ex-pat Syrian having to engage in the suffering from afar; and the BMW M5 is a car to be reckoned with

June 18, 2012

This tomato has been declared infedelicous by the Salafiis of Lebanon
11:23 GMT
Lebanese Salafists have declared tomatoes as Christian and therefore forbidden for consumption; a cool new groove coming out of Amman, Jordan; and a chance for free airline tickets to any aspiring photographer
We'll be seeing Morsi a whole lot more.
10:07 GMT
When we look at the numbers, you can see by how much more Morsi won for those who want to see more; Ever wonder what goes though an Arab woman's mind in America before an interview? and seven ways to wipe out Dubai's debt

June 17, 2012

The UN and the Assads are parting ways.. for now.
15:35 GMT
The escalation on both sides of the Syrian conflict is too much for the UN even to observe; Starbucks in Kuwait raises their prices; a review of the Samsung Galaxy 3; and a young man sings about the Mall of Dubai
Prometheus got mixed reviews but don't tell this lady that.
07:09 GMT
A Three Hour Bore? Prometheus pushes the line between epic and lethargic; A look at the Copts and their fear of the Muslim Brotherhood; Move over Instagram, here comes Filter Mania; and the death of Saudi Prince Nayef.