Blogs Roundup

February 2, 2012

Taken from their Facebook page, this is a slice of what we are to expect from Pizza Hut Kuwait.
14:44 GMT
Pizza Hut in Kuwait is set to make the largest pizza shaped as the Kuwaiti flag; Palestine's battle will be fought in the PR office, not a war field; Lebanon tries its hand at memes; Children craft adorable miniature cats and trucks from recycled material- CUTE; A foreigner in a Jordanian taxi- hilarity ensues.
Ahli players being rushed to safety.
10:42 GMT
An Egyptian blogger's perspective from an "Ahli" Team supporter's point of view; An environmentalist's journey: how this specialist got into the environment field; Wise words for dissertation writers; How to turn dying leftover balloons into something pretty.

February 1, 2012

Shown for illustrative purposes.
16:26 GMT
Music distributor, Music Master, has shut down its Kuwaiti operations due to censorship of foreign language albums and artwork; The dilemma of Palestinian refugees; Apparently, foreign wives to Saudi nationals must be weary of taking on too much of their husband's culture.
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10:33 GMT
A sterile German man paid his neighbor to impregnate his wife. But after a whopping 72 attempts and no pregnancy, the plot thickens; Lebanese politics according to fattoush and tabbouleh; BETA- Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals! ; Kuwait's Historical Vintage and Classical Car Museum- a hidden gem.

January 31, 2012

Be careful what you tweet!
14:36 GMT
A Tweet about "destroying America" gets a British man arrested at the airport; Freedom of Speech- damned if you do, damned if you don't; Being weird is nothing be ashamed of; The Muppets fire back at Fox News.
Taken from HM Queen Rania's Facebook page, here is an intimate family moment celebrating HM King Abdullah II's birthday with his son who also had a birthday.
10:48 GMT
HM King Abdullah just turned 50! Here' s all you ever wanted to know about his life; Jordan's Queen Alia Airport, one of the worst in the world? Surely not; Lara Fabian's Lebanese fiasco - blah blah blah, nobody cares; Fall in love with GIFs- you know you want to; Your guide to eating out without becoming morbidly obese.

January 30, 2012

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14:37 GMT
Writing Lebanese history texts books for Lebanese history post 1946 is no easy feat; Up close and personal with an Egyptian cancer victim - a touching account; The reason behind the world's problems? Heavy metal, of course; Two cultures, two concepts: marriage and children in the Middle East and the U.S. Spot the difference.
Shown for illustrative purposes.
10:52 GMT
Boy's arrest for "harming King's dignity" causes debate; World Economic Forum- a rich man's joke? ; The awkward moment when groupon sends you a discount voucher on STD testing; Self-branding advise for the real you- not the 400 others who share the same name online; Bashar Al-Assad running = hilarious.

January 29, 2012

Considered the pinnacle of too much freedom, it comes as a surprise that Lebanon has been ousted as the most liberal press.
14:16 GMT
A recent study on freedom of the press in the region shows that Lebanon ranks only third in the whole Middle East- following Kuwait! Straight from the Twitter grapevine, El Baradei gives Egypt a game plan via Twitter; MSNBC publishes an image of a Palestinian being run over by a trailer driven by an Israeli solider.
Is Haifa Wahbi a gay icon?
10:53 GMT
Haifa Wahbi gets fabulous with some drag queens in Turkey; Will she or won't she? That is the question about the Lara Fabian concert; It's the woman behind the man that paves the way to greatness, even for Obama; Lebanese women will risk anything to not be called the "C-word"- cheap; Miriam Fares gets mummified and jungle fever at once.

January 28, 2012

Among other topics, Walid Jumblatt discussed Beirut, reincarnation, the meaning of power and classic 1980's soap "Dallas" in his interview.
06:30 GMT
Unbeknownst to most, Lebanese politician Walid Jumblatt did an interview for Playboy back in 1984! Check it out here; Jordanian designer parodies and celebrates local issues and events via graphic desgin; Does font define a movie? ; Lebanese women's rights activists are not backing down as the fight against marital rape rages on.

January 26, 2012

Twitter is changing its interface language to suit Middle Eastern users. (Image source: "")
20:57 GMT
Straight from their official blog, Twitter is set for a language change- finally- thanks to its popularity in the region; Confused about Syria? Here's an "idiot's guide"; The Palestinian Authority Dictionary; Is the Israeli lobby running the show in Washington? Apparently so, says Ex-CIA specialist; 10 Misconceptions Debunked by modern Science.
Egyptian pride was apparent on Jan 25.
10:05 GMT
Egyptians went to the street yesterday to celebrate Jan 25 with renewed fervor and enthusiasm for change. But it seems to be new faces to the old problems. The military and Islamist parties are the new contenders for the Egyptian power struggle.

January 25, 2012

A Jewish faithful reads his daily paper. Shown strictly for illustrative purposes.
14:13 GMT
Atlanta Jewish Times columnist Andrew Adler issues apology and resigns as editor-in-chief after suggesting Obama assassination in his weekly column; Did Lebanon literally go "No Logo" with blank billboards; A green economy could benefit Jordan vastly; Starbucks adds alcohol to the menu; Stuff Social Media Pros Say!
The future of Egypt's Jan 25 movement is likely to involve more work, less protest.
09:26 GMT
Jan 25's first anniversary is a date for many firsts of Egypt's new beginning, from Parliaments early days to the emergency law lift to the unexpected release of detained blogger Maikel Nabil. But there is still a hunger that sustains ongoing protests.