Blogs Roundup

December 20, 2011

Flowery flattery and niceties can get you far in Arab social circles. (Image courtesy of "")
14:09 GMT
Are you not feeling Arab enough? Maybe your Arab pleasantries are not up to par! ; Is the Arab Spring a sham? ; Has Obama's "change" reached Muslim Arabia?; You're getting married! Guess whose not invited? You, says the Israeli government!
Translation: "To the companion, friend, honorable, purist and dearest, this is how we saw you." (Image and translation courtesy of "")
10:53 GMT
One Palestinian blogger expresses his deep apologies to "Tahrir Girl", voicing a sentiment shared by many Arabs around the world; Santa needs an iPhone for his 3.7 billion appointments; Sexist adverts are nothing new, but one Lebanese blogger points out some truly atrocious ones; Jordan might speak out over the Dead Sea Scrolls; Iraq's shocking numbers.

December 19, 2011

Qataris raise their heads and their flags with pride.
12:06 GMT
Happy National Day, Qatar! ; More violence caught on video in Bahrain- one blogger reprimands; World's richest Arabs listed! ; The stories behind "The Cherry Tree Carol" told.
Quirky humor is set to plague Bin Talal's "solid investment" in Twitter. (Image courtesy of "")
10:07 GMT
Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal now the proud shareholder of 3% of Twitter company shares; Syrian blogger is no longer a jailbird, according to her sister's tweets; Lebanese Apple lovers are in for a possible Apple product cull; One US-based blogger contemplates atheism's age-old conundrum: Who came first?; Governance without humanity and compassion is not worth having.

December 18, 2011

The image seen around the world of the Egyptian exposed woman. (Image courtesy of "")
13:11 GMT
An image that could change the way the world views Egypt and the Egyptian army- is the Arab Spring getting a bad name? ; Lebanon's new electoral laws are said to promote sectarianism- Surprise Surprise! ; Sweden paves the way to gender-neutral education; Amman's Friday Market is a source of beautiful photography; Tunisia's Gunnushi shouts libel.
Viral videos are showing extreme cases of violence against protesters.
09:49 GMT
Violence against Egyptian protesters caught on video- and goes viral; What you do if you could return to a liberated Palestine; 13 Ways to help the Syrian Opposition.

December 17, 2011

Allenby Bridge
12:04 GMT
Israelis cross the Jordanian border to make claims for Great Israel or other internal Jerusalem territorial disputes; The threat to America of the 'All American Muslim'; The roadblock for Jewish worshippers in the US; Christmas in the Holy Land; And cupcakes compete!

December 15, 2011

Razan Ghazzawi could be serve three to fifteen years for each charge. (Image courtesy of "")
15:00 GMT
The charges against Razan Ghazzawi are finally revealed; The industry of war has caused more damage than good; "Unity, Freedom, Socialism" is no longer the slogan of the hour for Syria; Kuwait puts breaks on Lebanese work Visas; Nasrallah is criticized for his Ashura speech.
Cast members on a panel hosted by TLC.
10:32 GMT
The Florida Family Association's petition against TLC's "All-American Muslim" hits home with some advertisers, who yanked their adverts off the air; One picture maintains anti-Palestinian stereotypes; Legal action against a murderous mom and four minors; Sexism plagues citizenship laws in Lebanon- again; "Loyalists" blast foreign press, instead of facing the truth.

December 14, 2011

Mohamed Bouazizi's mother, Mannoubia Bouazizi, looks on to his memory. (Image courtesy of "")
14:30 GMT
Marking the Arab Spring's first anniversary, "The Protester" is named Time's Person of the Year for 2011; Your simplified guide to the second phase of the Egyptian elections; One blogger says "no" to neo-conservatism; Who "invented" who, wonders a blogger about Gingrich's comments; What you never knew about the music industry.
Marzouki waves the victory flag. (Image courtesy of "")
09:56 GMT
Tunisia paves the path to Democracy- again; Women can offer a fresh perspective on fatwa interpretation; Lebanese expatriates are given opportunity to claim citizenship; The topsy-turvy state of Middle Eastern technology.

December 13, 2011

Ethiopian immigrants arrive at Israel's Tel Aviv airport.
20:12 GMT
Flagship newspaper Ha'aretz mysteriously if not shamefully removes article on a hate racist rally in Tel Aviv that calls for 'Blacks' to leave Israel; What crimes can a blogger commit; Dubai airshow captured; Money can't buy prestige for well-endowed Arabian universities; Expression 'without' borders from a Blogging 'Bedoun'.
Stately visit from then President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to Mohamed Bouazizi, who burned himself in protest sparking the 
Arab Spring. This picture was taken before Ben Ali fled to Saudi. (Image courtesy of "")
14:51 GMT
The Arab Spring turns 1 today, but has it had results for all Arab countries? ; One Jordanian blogger campaigns that a change in Jordan's public schools is a change for everybody; A Lebanese blogger treads carefully on a very awkward social situation; Jordan causes a stir over a footbridge.

December 12, 2011

Terrorism and Islam being perceived as similar is one of the many misconceptions inflicted on the religion. (Image courtesy of "")
12:38 GMT
5 misconceptions on Islam you never knew existed- and why they're all wrong! ; Top 10 American stars to keep on your radar in 2012; Does the Arab Spring spell out change for Arab Islam? ; "Stop stamping money," exclaims one Lebanese blogger.
Immigrants standing by a mosque in Kuwait.
09:47 GMT
One blogger campaigns for the acceptance of the stateless, or 'bidun', in modern Kuwait; In spite of western outcry , the Islamists are considered legitimate; a young medic finds his clarity of mind in blogging; Instagram named "iPhone App of the Year".