Blogs Roundup

December 8, 2011

Joseph and Mary's story played out on Facebook. (Photo source "")
10:40 GMT
Joseph and Mary's Facebook nativity story; Bethlehem, the Home of Christmas: Top Destinations; A Palestinian and an Israeli call for having those difficult conversations; A Jordanian blogger voices his opinion on transparency.

December 7, 2011

HRH King Abdullah and Queen Rania have a casual lunch in Amman's Rainbow Street. (Image Courtesy of "").
13:38 GMT
One Jordanian blogger states that what defines Jordan as "different" is its Royals' approachability and openness; Google promotes entrepreneurship in Egypt; Creativity and knowledge: a marriage made in marketing heaven.
Women's rights activists in Saudi Arabia have been trying to lift the ban on female drivers. (Image courtesy of "")
09:26 GMT
Further criticisms of al-Subhi's controversial study on the effects of female drivers on Saudi Arabian society; Was the bombing near the British embassy in Bahrain just a coincidence? ; A Syrian blogger questions the benefits of the current regime; If we live longer, does religion get harder?

December 6, 2011

13:22 GMT
What started out as a robbery ends up becoming a good deed; Is Beirut losing its architectural heritage? ; Nokia pairs designers and journalists for a spot of app innovation; Academic Joshua Landis gives run down of Syria's more detailed reports and interviews.
Wust  El-Balad, a post-Mubarak Egyptian indie band. (Image courtesy of "")
10:54 GMT
Sawt, a new web app, makes finding Arab indie music easier; Razan Ghazzawi didn't know the political significance of her blog; "The Syrian Dream" gives 21 steps to help the revolution; One academic and writer says that revolution's history is beyond the headlines.

December 5, 2011

Power to Beirut! Lebanon still suffers the starting and stopping of electrical supply.
14:41 GMT
Lebanon has less electricity than ever before with some regions reporting 8 minutes per day; Honor killings in the UK get attention; One Israeli prisoner's hunger strike was more effective than thousands of counterpart Palestinian prisoners' cries for help; And a Lebanese designer shares all with learning tips.
Tunisian singer and actress Nadia Bousetta.
12:57 GMT
As a Tunisian actress reveals some of her assets, we ask Is female nudity becoming a new habit in the Middle East? ; A female blogger arrested on Jordan's borders; Is removing Amman's public benches going to far? ; An American academic questions the U.S.'s arrogance.

December 4, 2011

So, does the Saudi Shura Council deem married women are safe or 'fit' to drive?
10:41 GMT
Women driving in Saudi Arabia is feared internally to lead to all manner of debauchery such as de-flowering, homosexuality and pornography and by keeping female drivers from taking to the roads, KSA is preserving virginity; Zionism turns against American Jews; Saudi scholarship students under the spotlight; On a Syrian state within a state; And 'I am happiest when....'
Al Jazeera has a South African member of staff deported from Qatar for showing an HIV positive blood test result.
09:48 GMT
Are their no human rights for people living in Qatar with AIDs: deporting HIV positive expatriate workers; 2011 renders 45 most powerful images at least; First stage Egyptian election results; Teenagers write their own eulogies and sharing their presentiments for how they will be 'lost' as blogging adults; Boycotting Israeli products to take Apartheid off the menu.

December 3, 2011

Apple's iPhone banned from Syrian touch-screening hands. The Syrian regime wants to prevent another Egyptian or Libyan new-media propelled revolution.
12:17 GMT
Syrians add a newly imposed iPhone ban to their list of grievances by the Syrian Regime; and the UAE celebrates its young age of 40 with a show of national unity; Another 40th for a world-helping hand, MSF; Lebanon's gets added corrupt credentials; And Palestinians from Jaffa live in cramped degraded way; Jordan says its sorry.

December 1, 2011

In the colder weather, Lebanese soldiers tend to use chickens instead of snakes to demonstrate their fearlessness.
14:35 GMT
Lebanese soldiers get competitively macho and blood flows; Circassian heritage is in the details; Palestinian woman inspires to break down walls of desperation.
Lebanon's Corniche attracts tourists, locals, men, women and children alike, but is also a popular spot for men who like to gaze uninvited at the (female) passers by.
11:24 GMT
Cat-calling= sexual harassment or harmless banter?; The difficulty of choice in today's ill-defined world; After Palestine Day comes World Aid's Day; And writing for the sake of writing.

November 30, 2011

Manal al-Sharif, rose to fame, or infamy to some, for her bold and much publicized driving moves in Saudi Arabia 
where women are banned from driving.
15:16 GMT
The Saudi woman driving on YouTube has been commended by Foreign Policy journal for her efforts broadcast to the world, as has our very own Saudi Woman blogger; How is the Syrian pound faring against the dollar? A Wahabi plot in Syria uncovered; Windows Phone-- is it for you? A Lebanon rape-murder causes a disturbing fall-out (for a disturbing crime).
Mark Twain, known by his famous pen-name, may have aged to the ripe age of 176 (posthumously) but his works will never
date and an find contemporary applicability in today's confused world.
12:13 GMT
Mark Twain who today turns 176 if he were with us, has been quoted in an Israel-Palestine sense, to the disservice of the Palestinian cause, but could remind us how to look at things in a light, wickedly humorous way; Kuwait's incongruous instability-- getting to grips with parliamentarian deadlock; Israel's logic addressed; Anecdotal love gets naughty; And top global thinkers.
International Solidarity with Palestine Day, 2011. Picture used for illustrative purposes.
06:50 GMT
Yesterday was International Solidarity with Palestine Day, how did Palestinians mark their snatched spotlight from the Egyptian elections; A complicated electoral system made some sense of; The Egyptian sense of humor comes out trumps again; And voices against Bashar al-Assad back-pedal on former support.