Blogs Roundup

May 22, 2012

George Michael visited boyfriend Fadi Fawaz's old Lebanese stomping grounds
08:11 GMT
Former Wham crooner shows the world Beirut is safe (at least for a night) and that all we have to do is take these lies and make them true; a battle of Italian sports car titans; and the union between Saudi and Bahrain that never happened

May 21, 2012

Why would anyone not want to see this building? We have 10 reasons.
12:51 GMT
A fellow Arab goes off on Dubai and leaves little reason why anyone should visit; You will not believe what Saudis are doing now; The aftermath of a Lebanese fight; and an opportunity for cultural exchange in Jordan
There are at least 10 things you must do while in Jordan
09:30 GMT
A low budget, earthy take on the best Amman has to offer, complete with slideshow! A funny look at the crazy dictators of our era; Are Sunnis shooting themselves in the foot in Lebanon? and America from an Egyptian perspective.

May 20, 2012

UN Peacekeepers found that wearing blue made them easy targets
19:17 GMT
Instead of observing peace, the UN Team fled from live bullets and constant taunting from Syrians; Protesters in Iraq don't want Turkey in their sand, which leads to a Turkish response; a look at some amazing Arab Inspired living rooms
The Sinai Region has been exposed to an inlfux of armed militants in the past months
07:30 GMT
Breaking news about an assassination of one of the tribal leaders of Sinai's famous Al Sawaraka tribe; Lebanese are not thrilled with the big beards of their own Salafi countrymen; and weddings in Saudi done right

May 19, 2012

The Algerian singer Warda.
12:32 GMT
The famous Algerian singer Warda passed away at age of 72; Iran is setting plans to sue Google for it's Maps Services; And Google released Schemer app and website to help people plan and accomplish their goals in life.

May 17, 2012

Are these clowns or Zionists in disguise?
00:16 GMT
It seems even something as innocent as a circus can stir things up for some Pro-Palestinian activists; Is 'Dear' the English equivalent to Habibi? and the censorship of graffiti in Syria is coming to Lebanon as well.
A Manhattan Skyline in Yemen with Mud Buildings
08:57 GMT
These are the tallest mud buildings in the entire world and form a fortress for its 7000 residents; Frustation from an average Syrian about the state of affairs; What do we know about the Egyptian Jews prior to Nakba Day?

May 16, 2012

Hejabis strut their veiled stuff
11:04 GMT
Is hejab, the Islamic veil, losing its Islamic purpose and becoming a fashion trend; Palestinian mother's suffer the hunger of their imprisoned sons; 79th day of Hunger Strike still going strong.
Bumper to Bumper in Egypt is an all too common sight
07:38 GMT
With 200K in seed money, Google has chosen a winner of its Egyptian Traffic App competition; One Egyptian blogger shares her tales of road rage and obvious need for this new app; and a fun pictorial review of the argeelah pipe in all facets of Lebanese life.

May 15, 2012

Is this type of public affection going on in conservative Muslim countries?
15:07 GMT
One girls sees way too much at a cafe in Jordan and asks whose problem is it? Another Jordanian is torn at two competing realities in his homeland; and a cartoon looks at boob jobs from an Arab woman's perspective.
Mothers celebrate the end of the hunger strike and a victory for the prisoners and their families
06:06 GMT
Before the end to the hunger strike went mainstream, one blogger reports from the father of Halahleh, a prisoner who fasted 77 full days; are Allah and Yahweh the same entity? and a cartoon honoring the strikesr and their mothers

May 14, 2012

Walking with no guards says a lot about this ruler
14:01 GMT
Yes people, country rulers have normal lives just like us; Who said looking good was easy; It's the small things that matter.
The Muslim Brotherhood will not ban female circumcision in Egypt but are they now planning on providing it?
09:32 GMT
A blogger tries to find truth in the accusation that the Brotherhood is sanctioning and offering female circumcision; Saudi Arabia pumping billions into solar energy and not oil; and a cool look at the new Mini Cooper

May 13, 2012

 Will hunger striker ever get to hold his beloved daughter in his arms?
14:30 GMT
Still going strong how long will this 75th day of Hunger Strike last, will Tha'ir live to reunite with his daughter or will they meet in Heaven?; I demand more answers from the American Media; Imagine a life without mother's; Have you ever experienced a grueling Kaff on the face.