Blogs Roundup

May 6, 2012

Palestinian remember the hunger striking prisoners during their times of prayer
10:23 GMT
Juan Cole give a great summary with linking articles of the strikers; Falk laments the lack of coverage by most reputable media sources; and the Egyptian delegation to Saudi is a bit over the top
Sky News is to launch its Arabic channel
02:18 GMT
Sky news joins the global news networks to have gone the Arabic way as BBC, launching its 24-hour Arabic news channel; Job-hunting as one Arab blog-ess abroad observes is driving job seekers to desperate measures; Since Bin Laden's Death; And social rites of passage using speedos.

May 3, 2012

A Glimpse into the best Call of Duty yet leaves fans excited.
12:06 GMT
Famished Call of Duty fans get a taste of first blood; A guide on how to adjust one's negative attitude; and in Egypt, there will be blood this evening
A scene much like this one developed in the streets of Saudi Arabia
06:38 GMT
A giant duck runs amuck in KSA, replacing old bricks with plastic colored ones in Beirut, and 11 Saudi women climb for a cause

May 2, 2012

These guys scored 20 out of 20 on the computer programmer list. How about you?
12:41 GMT
A computer programer shares how to spot his kind; Dark Knight to hit theaters in July. See the trailer! The Winds of Change blow into Lebanon.
A Moroccan tries to sell some sex toys but does not make it far
07:02 GMT
As quickly as it went up, a kinky shop was shut down in Morocco, many Jordanian bloggers speak out against the abuse of women, and the abuse of Hebron is still heavy on one bloggers heart

May 1, 2012

The Egypt Necrophilia Law a bigger hoax than Bigfoot
10:06 GMT
A collective sigh of relief from the blogosphere as it turns out the Egyptian Necrophilia law was not real. Our bloggers explain how it happened and one blogger defends the law.
Many Jordanians are shamed by the lack of justice for a 14 year old rape victim
07:51 GMT
An article in Jordanian Law allowed a rape to go unpunished, Egyptian college students may get computers, and Lebanon still lags in Internet speed.

April 30, 2012

If you're single and you mingle in Saudi, you'll be imprisoned
09:42 GMT
No more picking up ladies at the mall for Saudis, imagining a smoke-free America, and giving away the new Mercedes Benz SL Sting to unsuspecting Spainard
The list of hunger strikers is striking with at least 2000 on strike
06:59 GMT
Over 2000 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strikes, the ever-changing parliaments of Jordan and Egypt, and a new social media dictionary in Arabic

April 29, 2012

CBS Blames Israeli policies for the exodus of Christians from Palestine
10:04 GMT
After CBS blames Israelis for the exodus of Christians, one Orthodox Jew calls it a ruse, others call it truths, and a Palestinian Christian keeps the blame squarely on the Jews.
Has fatigue set in for the media when reporting on Syrian casualties?
08:45 GMT
Who will finally stand down in Syria; Can't stand your government? Try this!; Libya's new rules of governance are explosive.

April 28, 2012

The Gender Wars Unleashed in the Middle East. Image used for illustrative purposes:Website Under Fire For Profiling Men Women Should Not Date
13:39 GMT
Who started it anyway? A girl hates back! Haters gonna hate when Jordanian blogger shares her man-hatred, diving female neck deep into the gender wars unleashed by Mona Eltahawy asking Why 'They' Hate Us; Flirting with the debate on misogyny; and catching up with Syria's cloudy conflict.

April 26, 2012

A Muslim woman tries the Niqab for a day, " I don’t think I’ve ever felt less special. "
11:29 GMT
One Day in the Niqab in Cairo; The parliament in Amman is a mess; Mona missed the point on Woman's rights
If Jews and Palestinians can cook together, what else is possible?
09:25 GMT
You Say Bassal; I Say Batzal: What happens when an Israeli chef and a Palestinian chef share a kitchen; Is Libya about to explode again? Sometimes red is not the color of love in Saudi Arabia.