Blogs Roundup

December 12, 2011

Terrorism and Islam being perceived as similar is one of the many misconceptions inflicted on the religion. (Image courtesy of "")
12:38 GMT
5 misconceptions on Islam you never knew existed- and why they're all wrong! ; Top 10 American stars to keep on your radar in 2012; Does the Arab Spring spell out change for Arab Islam? ; "Stop stamping money," exclaims one Lebanese blogger.
Immigrants standing by a mosque in Kuwait.
09:47 GMT
One blogger campaigns for the acceptance of the stateless, or 'bidun', in modern Kuwait; In spite of western outcry , the Islamists are considered legitimate; a young medic finds his clarity of mind in blogging; Instagram named "iPhone App of the Year".

December 11, 2011

Tunisian actress Hend Sabry in one of the scenes of the film, "Asmaa". (Image courtesy of "")
13:44 GMT
A review of "Asmaa", an Egyptian film that shows the human face of AIDS in contemporary Egypt; See Tahrir for yourself via dynamic panorama; Israel is threatening to cut the water supply in Gaza; Google's voice search goes Arabic; One health blogger suggests health books as viable Christmas presents.
He's a mean one, Mr. 'Gingrich'. (Image courtesy of "")
11:54 GMT
Newt Gingrich gets the Dr. Seuss treatment; the winners of the first phase of the Egyptian elections listed; the future of Wikileaks analyzed; 10 tips to improve your reading skills; DIY your Christmas gift cards this holiday season.

December 10, 2011

Was 2011 a year of too much bad news? Or is there hope to be found amongst the rapid change and possible progress made that makes 'good news'?
10:16 GMT
Amongst all the bad news are a few gems of good news, and 2011 can deliver both good and bad it turns out; When food gets politically destructive; Simplifying the still alien Twitter; Digital Arab Women's Rights; And Palestine's Speed Sisters are Road-Runners!

December 8, 2011

The Palestinians First Intifada emphasized peaceful protest, much like today's Arab revolutions.
14:33 GMT
In remembrance, we look back on the First Intifada from today's protesting times; Al-Assad is not a "crazy person" in interview; The Guardian goes Arabic; Oath to Zionism is deemed unacceptable; How about a New Month resolution instead?
Joseph and Mary's story played out on Facebook. (Photo source "")
10:40 GMT
Joseph and Mary's Facebook nativity story; Bethlehem, the Home of Christmas: Top Destinations; A Palestinian and an Israeli call for having those difficult conversations; A Jordanian blogger voices his opinion on transparency.

December 7, 2011

HRH King Abdullah and Queen Rania have a casual lunch in Amman's Rainbow Street. (Image Courtesy of "").
13:38 GMT
One Jordanian blogger states that what defines Jordan as "different" is its Royals' approachability and openness; Google promotes entrepreneurship in Egypt; Creativity and knowledge: a marriage made in marketing heaven.
Women's rights activists in Saudi Arabia have been trying to lift the ban on female drivers. (Image courtesy of "")
09:26 GMT
Further criticisms of al-Subhi's controversial study on the effects of female drivers on Saudi Arabian society; Was the bombing near the British embassy in Bahrain just a coincidence? ; A Syrian blogger questions the benefits of the current regime; If we live longer, does religion get harder?

December 6, 2011

13:22 GMT
What started out as a robbery ends up becoming a good deed; Is Beirut losing its architectural heritage? ; Nokia pairs designers and journalists for a spot of app innovation; Academic Joshua Landis gives run down of Syria's more detailed reports and interviews.
Wust  El-Balad, a post-Mubarak Egyptian indie band. (Image courtesy of "")
10:54 GMT
Sawt, a new web app, makes finding Arab indie music easier; Razan Ghazzawi didn't know the political significance of her blog; "The Syrian Dream" gives 21 steps to help the revolution; One academic and writer says that revolution's history is beyond the headlines.

December 5, 2011

Power to Beirut! Lebanon still suffers the starting and stopping of electrical supply.
14:41 GMT
Lebanon has less electricity than ever before with some regions reporting 8 minutes per day; Honor killings in the UK get attention; One Israeli prisoner's hunger strike was more effective than thousands of counterpart Palestinian prisoners' cries for help; And a Lebanese designer shares all with learning tips.
Tunisian singer and actress Nadia Bousetta.
12:57 GMT
As a Tunisian actress reveals some of her assets, we ask Is female nudity becoming a new habit in the Middle East? ; A female blogger arrested on Jordan's borders; Is removing Amman's public benches going to far? ; An American academic questions the U.S.'s arrogance.

December 4, 2011

So, does the Saudi Shura Council deem married women are safe or 'fit' to drive?
10:41 GMT
Women driving in Saudi Arabia is feared internally to lead to all manner of debauchery such as de-flowering, homosexuality and pornography and by keeping female drivers from taking to the roads, KSA is preserving virginity; Zionism turns against American Jews; Saudi scholarship students under the spotlight; On a Syrian state within a state; And 'I am happiest when....'
Al Jazeera has a South African member of staff deported from Qatar for showing an HIV positive blood test result.
09:48 GMT
Are their no human rights for people living in Qatar with AIDs: deporting HIV positive expatriate workers; 2011 renders 45 most powerful images at least; First stage Egyptian election results; Teenagers write their own eulogies and sharing their presentiments for how they will be 'lost' as blogging adults; Boycotting Israeli products to take Apartheid off the menu.