Saudi Arabia denies report king said Iran, Israel should not exist

Saudi Arabia denies report king said Iran, Israel should not exist
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There is no state called Israel
This is a terrorist state called Israel.
State of thieves called Israel a
basis of the displacement
and killing of Innocent nation .
state of thieves basis
bloodshed and war
And the arrest of people
for tens of years to
prevent him from claiming
The right to life .
basis steal the land of the
Palestinian people
And then steal
the land of the Arab-Muslim
the entire .State of the
thieves do not know the law .....
Does not recognize the
law of the United Nations,
a state that considers itself above the
law . the law is the siege of Gaza
And the bloodshed and
destruction of houses and
killing innocent people
and occupying the country
This is a country named Israel thieves
This is a terrorist state called Israel

aarraabb (not verified) Sun, 11/14/2010 - 11:40

Zionist and the countries they control (USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Australia) will keep on bullying Iran until one of two things happen:
Destroy Iran as they did with Iraq OR Iran Develop a nuclear device.
If the Iranian does not develop a nuclear deterrence they will be destroyed. Simply because they are making great scientific advancement and that is not acceptable by Zionist and the countries they control.
Look at what was done in Iraq. They could have removed Sadam Husain without destroying Iraq and its scientific mind and infra structure. Their primary objective is to destroy the Iraq pure and simple. For years they supported Iraq and provided it with whatever as long as it was at war with Iran. the consequence of destroying Iran will take about 10 years (as was done in Iraq). There will be tremendous loss of lifes in the millions killing, starvations diseases, ethnic unrest, etc. More importantly, there will be huge surge in resistance (freedom fighters or terrorism depends who’s side your on, Islam or Zionist). Will the Zionist achieve their long term objective the answer is absolutely not; they will be hated for thousands of years.
What is Iran develop a nuclear devices? That is will stop bullying and will save Iran from destruction and will lead to real and just peace in the Middle East. Iran will continue to build scientifically and provide protection to the entire region from these Zionist criminals. The choice is clear and the outcome is also clear

Dr. Ahmed (not verified) Sat, 07/03/2010 - 20:35

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