Saudi Arabia

May 9, 2014

Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Al-Sheikh said Boko Haram "smear" the image of Islam (File/AFP)
19:06 GMT

The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia has slammed Nigerian group Boko Haram, saying the terrorists "smear the image of Islam," after 250 school girls were kidnapped near the Cameroon border.

May 8, 2014

“The WHO does not recommend the application of any travel or trade restrictions, including for upcoming pilgrimage travel to Saudi Arabia,” a statement issued by the organization said.
00:08 GMT

The World Health Organization said on Wednesday that there is no travel ban for Saudi Arabia as a result of increasing MERS cases in the country.

Egypt's health ministry has already issued warnings against children and the elderly traveling to Saudi Arabia (File/AFP)
19:25 GMT

Egypt is likely to ban pilgrims to Saudi Arabia amid growing concern over the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus, according to a former health minister.

MERS cases have also been reported in Jordan, Egypt and the UAE (File/AFP)
16:00 GMT

Saudi Arabia reported four more people have died from the MERS virus bringing the number of infections up to 449 since 2012.

Raif Badawi has been behind bars since 2012 for allegedly insulting Islam (Image: Facebook)
15:17 GMT

Founder of a human rights group and prominent blogger Raif Badawi was sentenced to 10 years in jail, 1,000 lashes and ordered to pay a $267,000 fine for insulting Islam and adopting a liberal ideology.

May 7, 2014

Abdel Fatah al Sisi is widely expected to win the upcoming presidential elections. (AFP/File)
17:00 GMT

In the second part of Sisi's first interview since announcing his candidacy, Sisi said financial aid from the Gulf states has surpassed $20 billion since June 30.

May 6, 2014

Terrorists attacked compounds in Saudi's capital Riyadh in 2003 (File Archive)
16:08 GMT

Saudi Arabia "dismantled a terrorist organization" that was plotting to attack government facilities and foreign interests.

Construction work on the Jeddah Metro will start in 2015 (File/AFP)
11:17 GMT

AECOM Technology Corporation has been awarded an 18-month contract to provide management consultancy services to the Jeddah Metro Company.

May 5, 2014

Instead, a press statement by the ministry said it was taking all preventive measures to raise the level of bio-security in the country and safeguard public health.
23:46 GMT

Some newspapers and websites in the UAE on Sunday reported that the ministry has put a temporary ban on the import of live camels as a precautionary measure to prevent the outbreak of any contagious disease.

Saudi Arabia will consider changing its strict visa policies in the next three years, according to the president of the country’s tourism commission.
23:11 GMT

In March the Kingdom reportedly suspended a limited tourist visa programme, until infrastructure had improved.

With over billions of investments taking place in the railway industry, the summit will provide a practical approach on 'The Plan' for future and how it can be executed
12:55 GMT

Current railway projects in the Middle East and smart communication systems coupled with intelligent transport systems for railways will form the focus for a major summit opening in Riyadh (May 5).

Saudi Public Transport Co. (Saptco) has won a $2.1 billion contract to operate and maintain buses in Riyadh jointly with French group RATP Dev.
03:55 GMT

The 10-year deal is worth 7.885 billion riyals ($2.1 billion, 1.5 billion euros), Saptco indicated, noting that Riyadh authorities informed them they won the deal on Wednesday.

May 1, 2014

From May 15 onwards, Qatar Airways will operate a total of 79 flights per week to the Kingdom (File/AFP)
15:44 GMT

Qatar Airways announced doubling flights to Gassim and added a new destination route to Al Hofuf.

The metro will have 88 stations, providing ease on the holy city's transport system (Image: Mecca Metro)
13:19 GMT

Work on a metro system through Saudi Arabia's holy city is expected to begin in 2016.

“However, there has been no statement issued by the Saudi or Sudanese government confirming that Saudi banks have decided to take this step, which may have a negative impact on the economy of Sudan.”
04:38 GMT

Several Saudi and international banks have banned all transactions including remittances to Sudanese banks.