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Egypt denies trying to sell off the family silver

a citizen called Abdallah Mahfouz for a project involving usufruct of archeological sites in Egypt including ... presented a proposal from a citizen called Abdallah Mahfouz for a p ... returns. Mahfouz said it is a “quick fix for the budget deficit ”, head of the finance minister’s ...

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Elham Shahin vs the Sheikh: the legal battle begins

actress Elham Shahin is to file a case against Sheikh Abdallah Badr of conservative TV channel ... of the Quran and Sunnah' Sheikh Abdallah Badr had said on camera that "Elham Shahin is cursed and she ... continued. "The beginning was with [writer] Naguib Mahfouz, one of the most important icons ...

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Why Saudis are investing their efforts to change Egyptian laws

Council Chairman Abdallah bin Mahfouz revealed that the Saudi side proposed the amendments to the interim President Adly Mansour at the GCC Economic Forum held in Egypt. Bin Mahfouz gave Al-Hayah newspaper ... in previous laws, untouched by new decrees.” Bin Mahfouz added “the amendments do not allow new laws ...

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Egypt considers outsourcing the pyramids to pull in funds

by Abdallah Mahfouz, identified as an Egyptian intellectual, to offer in a public auction the rights ...

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Egypt's arty types vs the Brotherhood: this year's showdown

writer Naguib Mahfouz an infidel and claimed his books promote homosexuality and atheism. El-Shahat also ... a case she filed  in September against Sheikh Abdallah Badr who insulted her, along with several other ... on the streets, needing permissions and papers to get away with it. In February, Ahmed Abdallah – the filmmaker ...

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