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Saudi Defense Minister holds dinner party for Malaysian Prime Minister

Saudi Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the second deputy ... Saudi Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the second deputy premier, defense and aviation minister ... Mahathir Mohammed and an accompanying delegation.     In the meantime, Prince Sultan awarded Dr. ...

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Mubarak gets life, not death: live reactions from Egypt

more Twitter reactions:   Sultan Al Qassemi  tweets: "Egypt's next president will have ... They are Hassan Abdel-Rahman, deputy interior minister and head of state security; Adly Fayed, deputy interior ... reactions: Sultan Al Qassemi tweets: "Egypt's next president will have the authority to pardon Husni ...

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Veterans of Arab cinema to be honoured at 4th Gulf Film Festival

cinema: Emirati actress Mariam Sultan, Saudi director/producer Mohammad F. Gazzaz, and Kuwaiti ... Sultan, Mohammad F. Gazzaz, and Mohammad Al-Sanousi – has made a significant contribution to the Arab film ... their cinematic ambitions,” he said.    Actress Mariam Sultan awed audiences with her inaugural performance ...

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Egypt shows off its sweet tooth as dessert goes super-sized in the desert

in retaliation for killing her husband the Sultan Aybak. Om Ali invented the dessert and dished it up ... support of the tourism industry.   By Abdel-Rahman Sherief   Do you think events like this will help ...

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Syrian refugees jeopardize Jordan's water supplies

to almost parched parts in Jordan," said Abdelrahman Sultan of the Jordanian-Israeli-Palestinian ...

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