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Ambassador of Goodwill and the Gulf Song, Abdallah Al-Ruwaished to announce KD500,000 winner during event at the Bank’s Dahiyat Abdullah Al Salem branch

Abdulla Al Salem Branch on the 29th September. Gulf Bank’s Al Danah draw ... an event at the Dahiyat Abdulla Al Salem Branch on the 29th  September. The Al Danah draw will also ... of Goodwill & the Gulf Song, Abdallah Al-Ruwaished, who will announce the name of the lucky Al Danah ...

Press Release - 22/09/2011 - 08:01 - comment 0

Ali Al Hajjar Sings in the Gulf Accent

by Abdulla Al Ruwaished The Egyptian singer Ali Al Hajjar has decided to sing ... by Abdulla Al Ruwaished and written by poet Ali Musaed, and the second composed by Suleiman Al Mulla ...

01/08/2010 - 19:59 - comment 0

Kuwaiti Song Stars Perform Operetta ‘We Will Not Forget’

Sha’el and Abdulla al Rweished.   The operetta included seven acts, the first entitled Kuwait which was performed by three singers, followed by the act Palestine sung by Abdulla Ruwaished and expressing the scene ... Will Not Forget) written by poet Abdel Latif al Bannay and composed by Anwar Abdulla , according the Kuwaiti daily ...

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Arab World Stars Participate in ‘Amman in Hearts’ Operetta

Center’s Main Theater under the auspices of King Abdulla II, according to the London based Arabic daily al Sahrq al Awsat.  Among the participant stars are Ali Abdel Sattar, Abdulla al Ruwaished, Assala ...

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Jeddah Touristic Fest Witnesses New Developments

singer Abdulla al Ruwaished and singer Abu Baker Salem Balfakih for the first time in Jeddah festival. ... the kingdom. Nabil Shua’il from Kuawait, Ali Abdel Sattar from Qatar and Abdulla Balkhair from the UAE ...

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