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Lawsuit against Abbas Al Nouri

Mashini, Abeed Issa, Abed Al Kareem Qawasmi, Nariman Abed Al Kareem, Sohail Joba’ie, and Anwar Khalil. ... Egyptian lawyer Nabeeh Al Wahish is suing Syrian actor Abbas Al Nouri, one of the leading stars of the Syrian drama series “Bab Al Hara,” (The Neighborhood ...

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Saber Al Riba’ie closes his tax file

The first “DaKat Beek” was written by Hani Abed Al Kareem, composed by Walid Sa’ed and distributed by Midhat ... Tunisian singer Saber Al Riba’ie has been accused ... Tunisian singer Saber Al Riba’ie has been accused of not paying taxes in Egypt.  An Egyptian tax collection ...

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Maya Nasri and a talk from the heart in Beirut

of Omar, played by Egyptian Kareem Abed Al Aziz.  She meets ‘Omar’ when she moves from El Esam’ilyeh ... She still agrees to marry him.  Maya says that she was chosen for the role through Kareem Abed Al ... new film, “Kharij Ala Al Qanoon” (Outlaw) was released during the Muslim holiday Eid Al Adha, along ...

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Muna Zaki sad and worried

Egyptian singer Abed El Halim Hafiz. Muna has recently finished filming "Ahlam Omrina" "Our Life Dreams." She also filmed "Abu Ali," with Kareem Abed El Aziz. Ahmad Nader Jalal produced the film. It will be on the silver screen during Eid Al Adha. ...

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Muna Zaki not a Cinderella

Ali," with Kareem Abed El Aziz. Ahmad Nader Jalal produced the film. ...   According to the Qatar based daily, Al Raya, Muna was in fact nominated for the role ... to "Halim". The movie is about the legacy of the late legendary Egyptian singer Abed El Halim Hafiz. Muna has ...

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New Palestinian cabinet approved by legislators

Minister of Transportation. 17. Dr. Khaled Al-Qawasmi, Minister of Local Governance. 18. Dr. Thihni ... an ex-general, as interior minister. Nasser Al-Kidwa, the former Palestinian observer to the United Nations ... of Finance. 3. M.G. Nasr Yousef, Minister of Interior and National Security. 4. Dr. Nasser Al ...

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Walid Tawfiq’s new album in stores

(Oh Sea) features 11 songs written by Nizar Francis, Safooh Shaghala, Hani Abed El Kareem, Ashraf Antar, Walid Jalal, Ahmad Darweesh, Shadi Bo Saed, Aziz Al Shafi’i and Ahmad Rashed.   He ... Salameh, Fadi bandali, Shadi Bo Saed, Aziz AL Shaf’i, and Walid himself composed the songs.   ...

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Seventh Dubai International Film Festival opens tomorrow offering audiences glamour, glitz and best of world cinema

Mare'e Al Halyan, Jamal Salem, Juma Al Leem, Ahmed Alansari, Abed Almhasan Alnmr, Naseer Al Qassbi, Najwa ... premieres. Every genre, from thriller to comedy, drama to documentary, is included. Masoud Amralla Al ... the Arab world, celebrity guests include Khaled Abol Naga, Menna Shalab, Bushra, Nelly Kareem, Majed ...

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List of Palestinian, Arab Prisoners in Syria

5. Abdul-Kareem Abdul-Joud Sheikh Durra  6. Abdul-Kareem Abdullah Al Khatib  7. Abdul-Kareem Hamada Ahmad  8. Abdul-Kareem Mohammad Ahmed Khalil  9. Abdul-Kareem Muhsen Al-Mahameed  10. Abdul-Kareem Sabel Omar Samara  11. Abdul-Kareem Younes Al-Astal  12. Abdul-Latif Al Jizawi  13. ...

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