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Jordan cancels crackdown on illegal workers, did Morsi have a hand?

to deport thousands of illegal guest workers, including Egyptians. Egypt’s labour minister, Ahmad Azhari, was quoted in the Egyptian media as saying that President Morsi would intervene in the issue. ...

12/12/2012 - 04:00 - comment 0

results of second phase of saudi ‘pepsi street skills 2008’ announced

Ahmad Hasan Al Shehri, Ayman Mohammad Masrahi, Fahd Mohammad Mubarak, Omar Mohammad and Mohammad Saleh Maymounah; Jeddah - Ahmad Fayraq, Adel Jamal, Batar Mohammad, Met'eb Badr and Hatem Azhari; Abha - Abdul ... Dbeis and Ahmad Noor Hussein. Mr. Ibrahim Binaquil, GCC Senior Brand Manager–Colas at PepsiCo ...

17/05/2010 - 19:35 - comment 0

jeddah recognizes top 5 skilled players and concludes pepsi street skills 2008”

announced the qualifying competitors in Jeddah: Ahmad Fayraq, Adel Jamal, Battar Mohammad, Meteab Maizar and hatim Azhari. The excitement will also take place in Riyadh on June 18, 2008 where the jury, who were ...

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