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Raghda returns

to be aired during the holy month of Ramadan. Actors Bousy, Abbas al Nouri, Samih as Sariti, Ahmad Salamah Huda Hani, Muna Hilal and Haitham Mohammad will also take part in the series. The drama takes ...

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Dina Sameer Ghanem withdraws

her nomination in the new film “Wahed Saheeh” (One right) alongside actors Hani Salamah, Basmah ... nomination in the new film “Wahed Saheeh” (One right) alongside actors Hani Salamah, Basmah and Rania Yousif. ... alongside actors Hani Salamah, Basmah and Rania Yousif. Dina justified her withdrawal from the film ...

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Hind Sabri to portray the feelings of Egyptians

on her upcoming movie called "Hallet Hob" alongside egyptian actors Hani Salamah, Tamer Husni, ... to be an American production and Egyptian director Ahmad Rashwan has been nominated to direct the film.    Ahmad disclosed that the movie revolves around thirty days of war, and describes how the Egyptian people ...

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Mustafa Qamar to Shoot New Film ‘Al-Hob wal Business’

The movie depicts the struggle of love in the world of money and power.  Hani Salamah will act alongside ... that Mustafa insists on following ever since his first movie which he presented with Ahmad Zaki “Al-Batal” (The ...

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Muna Zaki strips the role of Cinderella from Hanan Turk

“Al-Dunya Hilwa Wayak” (The World is Beautiful with You) alongside Egyptian actor Hani Salamah. The film ... film “Al Andaleeb” alongside prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki.     Muna and Hanan went ... including Ahmad nominated Muna for the role feeling that she will excel in portraying the late actress. Muna ...

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تويتر: حبس عادل إمام ما بين الرفض والتأييد

هذا الخبر الكثير من الجدل في موقع التواصل الاجتماعي تويتر فقال المغرودن :@hani86n من تابع أعمال عادل ... @ahmadFida أنا مبسسسوط جدا ف (عادل إمام) سبحان المعز المذل ، اللى طول ف عمره هو وسيده مبارك لنراهم مذلولين ... حرية رأى وتعبير لا يجوز إرهابه بالقانون ورفض قضايا بأثر رجعى للإنتقام @salamah ركزو مع عادل إمام ...

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Egypt Releases Ramadan TV Lineup

Qamar (Face of the Moon); ( 75% completed): Directed by Adel Al A’asar. Starring Faten Hamama, Ahmad ... (Zizinia II); (75% complete): Directed by Jamal Abdul Hamid. Starring Yihya Al Fakharani, Hala Sudqi, Ahmad Bdeir, Mahmoud El Jundi, Lucy, Huda Sultan, Madeline Tabr, Nabil Al Hilfawi, Mohammad Mitwalli, Sayed ...

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Black Friday: At Least 40 Palestinians Killed; Three Israeli Soldiers Killed in Tulkarem; Arafat Calls Powell

Bakir Alnajar, Ashraf Alnajar, Arif Hirzallah, General Ahmad Mifrij, Reyad Alkassas, Ayman Abu Tir, ... to Gaza were: Hani Ashour, 32, Saed Shalayel, 26, (an ambulance driver), Samir Younis, and Abid abu ibid.  ... hospital in Al-Khader, Ahmad Noman, 35, was killed by tankfire as he was driving to his hospital to treat ...

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the jerash festival celebrates its silver jubilee with the 2007activities

at International Kurtaj festival, Hani Shakir from Egypt, Latifa Al-Tunisia from Tunisia, also coming from Lebanon ... Bahrain Orchestra conducted by Dr Ahmad al-Jumayri, Angel Padilla Crespo- Harp- Mexico, Al-Dumari Play ... of Egyptian singing for artist Ahmad Jamal Aldeen AlSherbini and Al-Isma'iliyah Popular Arts Group, ...

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