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UAE set for some star-studded 'Arabian Nights' this October

here,” said Akram Sabry, general manager of Sky Events Management, which is producing the film. “I ... not be able to film.” Sabry said that pre-production work has now been completed and Hollywood director, ... been here and we wor­ked out the pap­er­work,” said Sabry. Despite delays, final filming appro­val has ...

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Teen heartthrob Harry Styles hits the UAE to shoot Shakespeare flick

to begin in December. Akram Sabry of Sky Events Management in Abu Dhabi showed the filmmakers around Dubai ... different ideas.” Sabry has worked with S4K in the past, producing some of its stage shows in Abu Dhabi. Lily Collins, the actress daughter of Phil Collins, will play Juliet to Styles’ Romeo. Sabry said ...

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UAE reels in international filmmakers

will be a big one for us,” said Sarma. Akram Sabry of Abu Dhabi ’s Sky Events, a local company involved ... locations with nature and the landscape lending itself to the film beautifully,” said Sabry, general manager ... for locations now. The actors will arrive later. There’s still a lot to be done now.” said Sabry. Sur ...

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List of Palestinian, Arab Prisoners in Syria

Azzam  67. Akef Attiet-Allah Al Rawashdeh  68. Akram Ahmad Mohammad Jarad (Saba’ Allail); Tulkarem.  69. Akram Deeb Shehab; married; 1996   70. Albert Ayyoub Al Tawil Germana; 1960; single; ... and arteriosclerosis.   290. Khlaid Sabri Ahmad Al Ra’I  291. Laith Tawfiq Ibrahem Moussa  292. Lawyer ...

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