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Naughty “Nurse” Ruby gets a spanking from the critics

“women in uniform” then you need to check out Ruby's upcoming movie “ Al Harami Wal Abeet ” (The ... movie “Al Harami Wal Abeet” (The Thief and the Idiot). ... © 2013 Al Bawaba ( (ENTERTAINMENT, Latest News, Movie ...

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Donia Samir Ghanem is perfectly prudish: No to steamy film

in the new film “Al Baltaji wal Abeet” (The Thug and the Idiot). Not put off by the title,  Donia, who ... for leading actress in the new film “Al Baltaji wal Abeet” (The Thug and the Idiot). ... © 2012 Al Bawaba ( (donia samir ghanem, this young ...

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Ruby is ready to play the funny girl, kicks off scandal from her sandal

"Al Harami wal Abeet" (The Thief and the Idiot). The starlet said that she’s not afraid ... her days of drama behind and is moving into the land of comedy with a funny role in "Al Harami wal Abeet" (The Thief and the Idiot). Always in the midst ...

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Ruby denies being assaulted on the streets of Cairo

a group of fans surrounding her while she shot scenes from new movie, 'Al Harami wal Abeet' (The ... © 2012 Al Bawaba ( (ENTERTAINMENT, Latest News, Movie ...

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Khairiyeh Ahmad passes away

contributions in Egypt and the Arab world.   Among her most noted works are the films “Al Fanooos Al Sihri” (The magic lantern), “Saher Al Nisa” (Women’s musician), the plays “Mirati Bind Jin” (My wife the daughter of a Jinni), “Al Abeet” (The idiot), “Nimrah 2 Yaksab” (Number 2 wins) and among her most ...

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قضيحة بالصور: شقيقة ملك المغرب شبه عارية

gahel? aktarm en meratak wala okhtak ely beroho elshat we elmasiaf, enta 3abeet wala eih ya gahl ya ... lihom l fom o walaw tayhedro 3la syadhom lalla o lallak hasna bnadem 9abl ay 7aja o ntoma al jazayriyine ...

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