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Taurino Fest to Boast Panorama of Egyptian Cinema

and current status of this sector, according to the daily Al Ahram.  Some 50 films will be screened during the event, which will last until Nov. 24, including Al Azima Wal Ard (Will and Land), Dua’a Al Karawan (Curlew Prayers), Al Less Wal Kilab (Thief and Dogs), Juyoush Al Shams (Sun Armies), Al Momyaa (Mummy), Al ...

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Hind Sabri is glowing with good news

writer, Muhiy Muri, is said to have put the actress forward for the lead role in new TV show 'Ard al Jin wal Malaekah' (Land of the Jinni and the Angels), alongside Egyptian superstar Amr Waked. ... that she is expecting her second child with husband, Ahmad Al Shareef, has hit the headlines. ...

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Zizi Mustafa passes away

in the film “Bain Al Sama wal Ard” (Between the Sky and Earth) in 1959. The late actress took part in over ... had a rich history of great works like the film “Al Bustaji”. Zizi was born with the name “Zainab ... © 2010 Al Bawaba ( ) (ENTERTAINMENT, Egypt) ...

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Shireen Wajdi prepares for her debut on the big screen

will make her debut in the acting world with her upcoming film “Na’ema Bain Al Sama Wal Ard ... film “Na’ema Bain Al Sama Wal Ard” (Sleeping between the Sky and Earth) under the direction of Ali ... only acting experience previous to this was a minor role in the popular television drama “Bawabat Al ...

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Papa Abdo passes away

plays.   The actor then geared towards play directing and is most famous for the plays “Al Ard” (The Earth), “Al Rida Al Sami”, “Khaif Atjawaz” (I’m Afraid of Marriage), and many more.   ... El Utobees”. His last roles in the cinema were in “Al Ashikan” (The Lovers) and “Al Mar’a Wal Satoor” ...

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Wafa Amer seeks private bodyguards

is currently filming two TV dramas [Mala’eeb Shi7a] were she performs the role of Shajarat Al-Durr. The other drama is called [Al-Mil7 Wal Ard] with actor Mohammed Subhi.  Waffa' got married three years ... © 2004 Al Bawaba ( ) © 2010 Al ...

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