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Ghada Abed Al Razaq films “Al Batinyeh”

finished filming her scenes for the new television drama series “Al Batinyeh ... her scenes for the new television drama series “Al Batinyeh”.  She plays the leading role ... “Al Batinyeh,” staring famous Egyptian actress Nadia Al Jundi. Ghada said that she does not mind ...

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Ghada Abed Al Razaq doesn’t mind being compared to Nadia Al Jundi

performed in a cinema film which also was called “Al Batinyeh”.  Ghada said that the personality ... they see her performance.  The television drama series “Al Batinyeh” stars famous Egyptian actor Salah ... and directed by Muhammad Al Naqli. “Al Batinyeh” is about drug dealing and selling and the effects it has ...

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Salah Al Sa’dani enters “Al Basha’s Home”

was in the successful drama series “Al Batinyeh,” aired last Ramadan season.   ... Egyptian actor Salah Al Sa’dani had signed a contract to play the leading role in the new television drama series “Beit Al Basha” (Al Basha’s Home) ...

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“Al Wahesh” sues 7 drama series for hot scenes

Batinyeh” and “Qanoon Al Maragi” which both star Egyptian actress Ghada Abed Al Razaq.  He also adds ... The controversial Egyptian civil lawyer Nabih Al ... lawyer Nabih Al Wahish, who is considered the curse of all actors, went to court and filed a lawsuit ...

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Lucy between two drama series

drama series.  In the series “Al Batinyeh” she plays the role of Bahija, the fourth wife of Al Aqad ... The series has been popular and also stars the famous Egyptian actor Salah Al Sa’dany who plays the role of “Al Aqad.” His four wives are jealous of his relationship with his fourth wife Bahija.  Lucy also ...

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Lucy denies retiring and turns down “Riddles shows”

will take part in two television drama series called “Ta’em Al Boyoot” and “Al Batinyeh.” © 2010 Al Bawaba ( ) (ENTERTAINMENT, Egypt) ...

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