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Ahmed Hilmi, Ghada Adel Play History's Greatest Lovers

a starring role in a quiz show along with actress Ghada Adel, whose husband Magdi Al Hawwari will direct. ... Adel, whose husband Magdi Al Hawwari will direct, according to Akhbar Al Nugoum magazine.  The episodes, which were scripted by Magdi Al Kotch, are about historical love stories. Hilmi and Adel perform ...

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''Al Limbi – Part 2'' to be shot in Brazil, Spain

success.    The struggle on the movie's second part started when producer Magdi Al Hawwari ... Al Adel won the battle for producing the second part of the smash hit and controversial Egyptian movie "Al Limbi" After long months of struggle, Egyptian producer ...

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Majeda Al Roomi Comes to Algeria with Message of Love, Leaves Angry

The Qatari daily Al Bayan cited Roomi as saying, upon her arrival at Hawwari Bu Median international airport ... Lebanese singer Majeda Al Roomi was spurred Friday ... at the international youth festival in Algeria Lebanese singer Majeda Al Roomi was spurred ...

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‘Algeria: Memory of Rai’ wins Views of Africa Film Fest prize

of Montreal for his film “Algeria…Memory of Rai”.  Khalfawi told the UAE daily al Bayan, “the time ... the revolution era was surrounded by all artists. The era of Hawwari Bou Median rejected this singing style ... © 2010 Al Bawaba ( ) (ENTERTAINMENT, Algeria, ...

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