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Syrian regime launches attacks on rebel strongholds in south, north

on the city of Hirak in the southern province of Deraa, the cradle of the anti-regime protest. Syrian regime forces have launched a major assault on the city of Hirak in the southern province ... stormed the town of Hirak in the province of Deraa. Explosions and gunfire are heard," said ...

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Tension high in Yemen’s Sanah district after clashes

Tensions remain high in the Sanah district of Al ... There is a prevailing sense of tension in the Sanah district of Al-Dhale governorate after soldiers and armored ... and gunmen allegedly linked to the Southern Movement (Hirak). The clashes broke out late Sunday between ...

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French movement: Award-winning author explores experiences of Palestinian artists in Paris

interviewed 15 up-and-coming Palestinian artists for her new book, 'Hirak' (Movement). ... book,  Hirak , or Movement . Between 1999 and 2009, 15 Palestinian artists passed through ... novelist Adania Shibli got the idea for her latest book,  Hirak . Using video conferencing, she ...

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Eyewitnesses: 50 killed in Syria protests

on Tuesday in the town of Hirak, another activist Ammar Qurabi said on Wednesday. He conveyed that among ... © 2011 Al Bawaba ( ) (Lebanon & Syria, Syria) ...

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Yemen to Iran: Stop interfering in our domestic politics

told Al Hayat Newspaper, "Unfortunately, Iranian interference still exists, whether through its support for the Hirak separatists or some religious groups in northern Yemen. We asked our Iranian ... © 2014 Al Bawaba ( (NEWS, Main headlines, Regional News, ...

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Syria: Lebanon boosts security measures on border as Russia has no intention to change stance

mainly during a major assault on the city of Hirak in the province of Deraa, reported the Syrian ... © 2012 Al Bawaba ( ) (NEWS, Main headlines, Syria) ...

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Arab Spring Watch: Yemen's same old problems drone on

Most Western headlines about Yemen lately have focused on the “al-Qaeda threat” and “US drone ... are the weekly, if not daily, suicide attacks and car bombs allegedly by al-Qaeda, the assassinations ... pipelines allegedly by tribes in Mareb, the Hirak separatist movement in the South, the Houthi rebels ...

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Can Arabs talk their way out of the corner? Yemenis take a disarming gamble

to break loose but was defeated. Today, a powerful Southern Movement known as Al Hirak, embittered ... against Al-Qaeda. Primarily concerned with protecting its own homeland from terrorist attack, the U.S. has ... government, accused of complicity with Washington. To carry the war to Al-Qaeda, the U.S. has also sought ...

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