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Shadi and Najla happily married

Syrian actors Shadi Maqrish and Najlaa Khamri had ... Syrian actors Shadi Maqrish and Najlaa Khamri had recently celebrated their marriage at a private ... together on was “Al Ghufran” (Forgiveness) and another was “Sabaya 3” (Girls 3), both which were aired ...

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All in the name of Syria: Amal Arafa stars in "The Sacrifice"

Ala Al Basha, Nadine Tahsin Baik, Shadi Maqrash, Najlaa Al Khamri, Fayez Qazaq and others. © 2013 Al Bawaba ( (ENTERTAINMENT, Latest News, Star ... featuring Syrian actress Amal Arafa. The TV drama, “Al Qurban” (The Sacrifice), was written by Rami ...

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Behind the scenes of "The Sacrifice", Amal Arafeh and Nadine Tahsin Baik are seen in special attire

Samer Ismael, Shadi Maqrash, Najla Al Khamri, Fayez Qazaq, Wafa Mousali, Samer Imran and Shadi Zaydan. ... Syrian drama "Al Qurban" (The Sacrifice), starring Amal Arafeh as an engaged lady in love ... social drama "Al Qurban" (The Sacrifice) is well underway in the nation's capital. Behind ...

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Ceasefire finally declared in Yemen's northern provinces after weekend fighting leaves over 60 dead

Houthis and the Al Ahmar Salafi clan erupted after the former seized control of Al Khamri, a region ... © 2014 Al Bawaba ( (NEWS, Main headlines, Regional News, ...

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Houthi rebels advance on Yemeni capital

of a complete breakdown in security in Yemen, home to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. On Sunday Shi’ite Houthi fighters and their allies from the Hashed tribal federation seized control of al-Khamri, a region ... pro-government tribesmen broke down. Al Arabiya correspondent in Sanaa said the Iranian-backed rebels have ...

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