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Rania Farid Shawqi: ‘I Will Not Change My Name'

Samak (A Cat in the Fish Market) and Al Lis Wal Kilab.  Meanwhile, the actress said that she ... when director Ahmad Khader offered such a role to me in his new series Al Lis Wal Kilab (The Thief ... © 2000 Al Bawaba ( ) © 2010 Al ...

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Hisham Salim in “the disappearance of Saeed Mahran”

when the father of a young boy named Sayed Abu Al Fadel is murdered. His mother runs away with her son and when he gets older he becomes obsessed with the character Saeed Mahran in the film “Al Lis Wa Al Kilab ... © 2010 Al Bawaba ( ) (ENTERTAINMENT, Egypt) ...

01/08/2010 - 18:54 - comment 1

Mena Fadaly tells public to butt out of her private life

out a love affair for the small screen. In her latest TV drama ‘Al Lis wal Kitab’ (The Thief ... © 2012 Al Bawaba ( (mena fadaly who has asked the public ...

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Taurino Fest to Boast Panorama of Egyptian Cinema

and current status of this sector, according to the daily Al Ahram.  Some 50 films will be screened during the event, which will last until Nov. 24, including Al Azima Wal Ard (Will and Land), Dua’a Al Karawan (Curlew Prayers), Al Less Wal Kilab (Thief and Dogs), Juyoush Al Shams (Sun Armies), Al Momyaa (Mummy), Al ...

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Kamal Al Shinnawi: Egyptian Cinema Suffers from Imitating Everything

of competition. For example, Shukri Serhan and I performed in the film Alless Wal Kilab (Thief and Dogs) ... Actor Kamal Al Shinnawi believes that the Egyptian ... industry imitates everything. Actor Kamal Al Shinnawi believes that the Egyptian ...

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Montpellier Fest to Celebrate 100 Years of Egyptian Cinema

films Hayah Aw Mawt (Life or Death), Al Manzel Raqam 13 (House No.13), Al Less Wal Kilab (Thief ... of Egyptian critics including Samir Farid, Ali Abu Shadi, Ahmed Al Hadari and Majeda Maurice,” he added.  Among the films scheduled to be screened at the festival is one about Mohammed Al Qalyoubi by Mohammed ...

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