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‘Mummy Flight’: Return of Joint Egyptian Turkish Production

Turkish film Huroob al Momiaa (Mummy Flight) began Saturday in the Turkish City of Istanbul. Shooting of the first scenes of the joint Egyptian Turkish film Huroob al Momiaa (Mummy Flight) began ... Simon, Maged al Masri and Sami al Adel. The assistant director will be Egyptian.  Huroob al Momiaa ...

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Hanan Tork to Star in Saadullah Wannous’ ‘a Country Narrower Than Love’

Warakat (Samira and Three Papers).  Meanwhile, Tork is gearing up to shoot her film Awdat Al Momiaa ... Adyaq Min Al Hobb. Egyptian actress Hanan Tork is gearing up for taking ... Adyaq Min Al Hobb (a Country Narrower Than Love), according to the Qatari daily Al Rayah.  ...

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Torino Film Fest Concludes With Fire

50-60 including the film of the French duo Jane Mary Strop and Daniel Holier and the Egyptian films Al Momiaa (Mummy) by Shadi Abdel Salam and Hayat Aw Mawt (Death or Life) by Kamal Al Sheikh.  ... to the daily Al Hayat.  Fire ignited at a film store burning a number of rare film versions, which were put ...

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