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Basma a success in her new film

with the success of her new film “Zai Al Nahardah” (Like Today), hailed by critics and viewers alike Young artist Basma is living the time of her life with the success of her new film “Zai Al Nahardah ...  The success of the film “Zai Al Nahardah” is a first for Basma. According to the London daily ...

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Al Fishawi and Basma in a new film

production “Zay Al Nahardah” (Like Today) Director Amro Salameh started filming his new production “Zay Al Nahardah” (Like Today). According to the London daily Elaph, Egyptian actor Ahmad Al Fishawi plays the leading role alongside Egyptian actor Basma. This is Amro Salameh’s ...

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Athar Al Hakim sues Enas Al Dughaidi

to the program “Masr Al Nahardah” (Egyptian Today) that she will not let the matter go and will sue Enas and take ... Egyptian actress Athar Al Hakim has filed a lawsuit against famous controversial director Enas Al Dughaidi accusing her of purposely insulting her in public ...

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Tamer films new clip

to release the album by the end of the current month. The album features 15 songs among which are “Min Al Nahardah” (From today on), “Daia’t Waqti Ma’ak” (I wasted my time with you), “Ihsas” (Feelings) and “Ily Jay ... © 2011 Al Bawaba ( ) (Music Reviews) Egyptian ...

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Arwa Jodeh a cello player

film “Zai Al Nahardah” (Like Today), Arwa received many offers and she chose “Al Watar” to broaden her ... filming her latest movie “Al Watar” (The Cord) also starring the Egyptian actress Ghada Adel, Mustafa ... filming her latest movie “Al Watar” (The Cord) also starring the Egyptian actress Ghada Adel, Mustafa ...

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Basmah's letters see the light

Basmah's last film "Zai Al Nahardah" (Like Today), screened at the end of 2008, was a great ... since the production company ‘Al Arbiyah for Art Production’ set a date to release her new film "Rasa'el Al Baher" (Sea Letters) next month The actress Basmah is living ...

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Aser Yasin, “I’m not Ahmad Zaki”

and in the comedy “Ala Janib Ya Asta” (Taxi Driver Stop) with Ashraf Abed Al Baqi.  He also played the role of an addict in “Zai Al Nahardah” (Like Today) and he ended 2008 with the screening of his latest film “Al Waed” (The Date). Aser was nominated for the leading role in the new film “Rasayel Al Baher” (Sea ...

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