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Amr Diab Sings for Jerusalem

a special song for the Palestinian Intifada called Al Quds Terjaa Lana (Jerusalem Will Be Returned to Us), Egyptian singer Amr Diab has recently recorded a special song for the Palestinian Intifada called Al Quds Terjaa Lana (Jerusalem Will Be Returned to Us), written by poet Majdi Al Najjar.   The video, which ...

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Nadia Lutfi Returns to Film for Jerusalem

years was in participation for the Al Quds Ha Tirg’a Lana (Jerusalem Will Return to Us) operetta. –  © 2000 Al Bawaba ( ) © 2010 ... other actors to co-star for free too!  According to Al Raya newspaper, Lutfi is currently ...

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Mona Abdul Ghani Wrongfully Accused of Failure to Pay Taxes

participated in one event, which is the recent tribute operetta to the martyrs of the ‘Al Quds’ Intifada, entitled Al Quds ha Tirga’a Lana (Jerusalem Will Come Back to Us). –  © 2000 Al ... to Al Raya newspaper, Abdul Ghani asked her lawyer to look into the papers of this case.  ...

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Forty Artists Participate in ‘Jerusalem Will Return to Us’ Opera

the ‘Al Aqsa Intifada.’ Forty Egyptian artists have just completed, on Friday, recording the Opera Al Quds Satarja’a Lana (Jerusalem Will Return To Us), at the Arab Satellite ... by Egyptian poet and scriptwriter Midhat Al Adl , composed by Riyadh El Hamshari and directed ...

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Three Major Singers Are No Show For ‘Jerusalem’ Opera

ummuna  Wa in maata malayeen minna…  Al Quds hatirga’ lana      He was carrying his ... for the recording of the now infamous ‘Al Quds’ opera. Who? Read on. Amr Diab, Mohammad Fouad and Mustafa Amar never showed up for the taping of ‘Al Quds’ opera, and only two of the stars sent ...

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Egyptian Artists to Hold Ceremony in Solidarity with Palestinian People

Endi al An Bondikiyyah (I Have Now a Rifle) and the operetta al Quds Hatergaa Lana (Jerusalem ... to the daily al Ahram.  The Opera House director, Samir Farag, announced that the celebration would be held ... will participate in the concert.  The program includes portraying the operetta al Holm al Arabi (Arabic Dream) ...

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