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Behind the scenes of "The Sacrifice", Amal Arafeh and Nadine Tahsin Baik are seen in special attire

Syrian drama "Al Qurban" (The Sacrifice), starring Amal Arafeh as an engaged lady in love ... social drama "Al Qurban" (The Sacrifice) is well underway in the nation's capital. Behind ... Reviews, Syria) Filming of the new Syrian social drama "Al Qurban" (The Sacrifice) is well ...

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All in the name of Syria: Amal Arafa stars in "The Sacrifice"

featuring Syrian actress Amal Arafa. The TV drama, “Al Qurban” (The Sacrifice), was written by Rami ... Ala Al Basha, Nadine Tahsin Baik, Shadi Maqrash, Najlaa Al Khamri, Fayez Qazaq and others. © 2013 Al Bawaba ( (ENTERTAINMENT, Latest News, Star ...

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No dough, no show: Amal Arafa turns down acting job, wants more money

a new drama “Al Ghirbal” with director Naji Tu’mi, and taking part in the satirical drama “Bouq’at Daw” (Spotlight), another drama titled “Al Qurban” and another one named “Sarkhit Rouh” (Cry of the Soul). ... and directed by Al Laith Hajjo. The series follows a family who flees Syria because of the terrible ongoing ...

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Spotlight on Saudi women clothing manufacturing initiative

is called "My Clothes Are of My Design." The project's deputy supervisor, Fatimah Qurban ... of clothes, instead of an importer," she said. By Wael Al Khalid ...

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"Casanova" Milad Youssef can't get enough of women!

in the drama "Al Qurban" with director Ala Ad Din Kawkash. The drama will reflect on numerous social ... that his character will be much more present in this sequel, as the TV drama’s director, Bassem Al Mulla, ... © 2014 Al Bawaba ( (ENTERTAINMENT, Latest News, Star ...

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From famous actress to poor journalist, Nadine Tahsin Baik tackles new role

on to the drama "Al Qurban" (The Sacrifice) with director Ala Ad Din Kawkash, and according to the Middle East news portal Elaph, Nadine had also taken part in two new films "Al Rajal Al Lathi Sana' Filman" (The Man Who Created a Film) with director Ahmad Al Ahmad, as well as "Ghurfa ...

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Former Iran president welcomes Saddam execution, says nuclear activity clear

campus on Eid Qurban (Feast of Sacrifice).   Ayatollah Rafsanjani held opponents of Iran's ... © 2010 Al Bawaba ( ) (NEWS, Iran) ...

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قرار اعفاء وزير الصحة السعودي وتعيين وزير العمل مكانه يثير الجدل!

يعنى نجاج  الوزاره @MuhamadQurban   ربما ليس هناك كوادر في البلد لذلك شغل منصبين مهمين في آن واحد ... انتهاءا ب(وباء) كورونا! @sarH_al2010   اعفاء منين و حآطينه فين ! لعبة الكراسي شكلها @shekhah_alb  ...

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Niqabs no replacement for helmets in Saudi: female motorbike accidents on the rise

and desert trips. The main reason for women riders’ injuries, said Dr. Muhammad Al-Jamaan of Jeddah’s King Fahd Hospital, is abayas being caught by the wheel. Abdulrahman Al-Sahafi, Director ... and Riyadh. “Driving motorcycles in Jeddah takes place at the Corniche mostly,” he said. Mustafa Qurban ...

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