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Josef Atyeh and “Let’s Run Together” at the Beirut Marathon

the Beirut Marathon. The slogan for the marathon is “Orkid Ded Al Saratan” (Run Against Cancer) ... Ded Al Saratan” (Run Against Cancer). Atyeh made a video clip especially for the marathon called “Yala Norkid Sawa” (Let’s Run Together), written by the poet Samir Al Nakhlih, composed by Hisham Bolis ...

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Halima Poland asks the Arab press to support children

motto is “Bilimkan Elaj Al Saratan” (It’s Possible to Cure Cancer).  Halima is also supporting another organization sponsored by the Algerian newspaper “Al Shorooq” (The Rising) to support sick ... to be part of what “Al Shrooq” is doing to support children in need,” said Halima in her letter.  “I want ...

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