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'Othello' Remake to Cast Ahmed Maher as Dody Al Fayed

after he wraps up the shooting of the series Al Sirah Al Hilaliyyah, directed by Hani Ismael.   ... Diana's 20th century paramour Dody Al Fayed Egyptian actor Ahmed Maher will soon ... to that of Princess Diana's 20th century paramour Dody Al Fayed, according to the London-based daily Al Sharq Al ...

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Egypt, Guest of Honor at Actors Spring Fest in Farnce

the Egyptian show to be the main one for two hours daily.  “Shabab al Nile Troupe has been chosen to participate in the festival and to portray al Sirah al Hilaliyyah, al Mizmar and Raqset al Tannourah ... the daily al Ahram cited the festival’s technical advisor, Tala’t al Singari as saying.  The festival ...

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Ghada Abdel Razzaq: ‘Al Hag Mitwalli’ Rediscovers Me!

Al Sherif in the series Aaelet Al Hag Mitwalli has even been widened.  The young actress has also played very well Princess Alia in the series Al Sirah Al Hilaliyyah in addition to playing the role ... Razzaq long time to become well known. Her fame, after performance in the series Aaelet Al Hag Mitwalli, ...

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Amina Rizq Beats Broken Leg to Return to ‘Assira Al Hilaliyyah’ Set

and reappeared on the set of a series to be screened next Ramadan, “Assirah Al Hilaliyyah.”   The film crew ... in order to shoot scenes in the some of the country’s great landscapes.   “Assirah Al Hilaliyyah ... from a broken leg and reappeared on the set of a series to be screened next Ramadan, “Assirah Al ...

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Egyptian Dramas Dominate Arab TV Channels

for the series such as Alelet Al Hag Mitwalli (Haj Mitwalli Family), Hadith Al Sabah Wal Masaa (Morning and Evening Speech), Al Sirah Al Hilaliyyah, Al Barr Al Gharbi (Western Land), Bawabet Al Halawani (Al ... Egyptian dramas to fill in for what some call weak local productions, according to Arabic daily Al Hayat.  ...

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Nawal Al Zughbi and Asalah Nasri resolve differences live on TV

Lebanese singer Nawal AL Zughbi had to postpone her ... Lebanese singer Nawal AL Zughbi had to postpone her concert with the singer Saud Abu Sultan for the second ... Bin Al_Nhayan. According to her doctor Sughbi had to stay in bed until she is fully recovered, ...

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Nicole Saba in a Lebanese drama series

recently appeared as a guest on the entertainment show “Sirah Wenfathat” (A Topic Has Been Opened), hosted ... © 2010 Al Bawaba ( ) (ENTERTAINMENT, Australia) ...

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Khaled Yousif denies using wife’s money to fund films

project.   The director revealed that the project is based on the novel “Sirah Al Bati” ... © 2011 Al Bawaba ( ) (ENTERTAINMENT, Latest News) ...

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Jacqueline Khouri talks about her daughter

will be a guest on the show “Sirah Winfathat” (A subject that’s been opened) with show host Lebanese Journalist ... © 2010 Al Bawaba ( ) (ENTERTAINMENT, Lebanon) ...

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