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Suzan Tamim’s murder trial begins

expenses.  The prosecution asserts that Talat paid Al Sukri a fee to commit the crime. ... Muhsin Al Sukari and the famous businessman Hisham Talat Mustafa are both on trial for murdering Suzan.  Al Sukari is charged with first degree murder. The prosecution claims that he planned the crime, ...

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The trial of Susan Tamim’s killers has begun

of first degree murder and Talat is accused of second degree murder.  He is charged with paying Al Sukri ... The trial of retired police officer Muhsin Al Sukari ... begun in Egyptian court The trial of retired police officer Muhsin Al Sukari ...

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Moroccan cinema gets nude and 'Tattooed'

writer Mohamed Sukri. Yet Zinoun did not entirely succeed in capturing the “complicated simplicity” ... living in faraway mountains, in the marginalized geography of Morocco. Zinoun and Sukri delved ... © Al-Akhbar. All rights reserved (ENTERTAINMENT, Latest News, Morocco) ...

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