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Kazem Al Saher loves "The Most Beautiful Women" so much he's singing about them!

Festival in Morocco titled “Ya ra’I Al Wad Wa Al Suhbah” in the Algerian dialect, which was written ... True to his romantic, poetic best form, Kazem Al Saher ... greatest from Kazem Al Saher should come as no surprise to us his loyal fans. Best known for his tunes ...

22/06/2014 - 23:24 - comment 0

Bad work day: $23,000 stolen from Ashraf Abdel Baqi while filming new show

him.  The wads of cash were in his parked car, which was sitting outside the filming studios where he's busy filming scenes for the upcoming Ramadan TV drama "Ana Wa Baba Wa Mama" (Mum, Dad ... © 2014 Al Bawaba ( (ENTERTAINMENT, In the limelight, ...

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INJAZ Al-Arab Talks Youth Entrepreneurship on a Global Platform

shift the reins of their economic destiny into their own hands.” Wa’d Taweel, a 20-year-old ... a full graduate scholarship to Babson College. “We are very proud of Wa’d. She is testament to the impact ... Soraya Salti, INJAZ Al-Arab Regional Director ...

16/05/2010 - 16:02 - comment 0

Hatem Ali Directs New Episodes From ‘Four Seasons’

episodes for the series al Fusool al Araba’h (Four Seasons) with the same stars of the first part. Syrian actor and director Hatem Ali began shooting new episodes for the series al Fusool al Araba’h (Four ... There is an attempt to raise the most recent problems and discuss them such as the episode Ya Wad Ya Teel about ...

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Adel Imam rejected as his Excellency Minister of Women

the play “Al Wad Sayyed al Shghal” without being scared of the threats of the terrorist organizations. ... on the name “Qidri wa Awlado” (Qidri and His Sons) as the title for his new movie after his previous suggestion “Ma’ali Wazeer Al Nisaa” (Minister of Wo Egyptian comedian Adel Imam has ...

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4th Gulf Film Festival concludes with award ceremony highlighting best filmmakers from around the region, world

SHO’UB WA QABA’EL (NATIONS AND TRIBES) by Maysoon Al Ali - UAE Second Prize: GHANNI OGHNIATAK ... by Khalid Al Mahmood - UAE  Official Gulf Competition – Documentary Third Prize: WAD ... a million dirhams in prizes and prestigious awards.  His Excellency Mohammed Al Murr, Vice Chairman ...

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Reflections of Ramadan in Palestine

The main passage ways, such as Al-Wad Street, were lined with soldiers on either side as a steady stream ... along Al-Wad Street making his way to Al Aqsa, in total about a 400 meter trip from Bab As-Sahirah ... Erica Silverman/Freelance Journalist The often insurmountable barriers to prayer at Al Aqsa Mosque ...

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