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Al-Karama Party Salon: Where poetry, politics, and performing artists collide

Each Thursday during Ramadan, Al-Karama Party will welcome guests to its Dokki headquarters ... Al Bawaba Buzz, Egypt) Each Thursday during Ramadan, Al-Karama Party will welcome guests to its ... If you like Al-Karama politics and you're down ...

10/07/2014 - 03:57 - comment 0

Can Hamdeen Sabbahi's Popular Current stem the Islamist tide?

noting here that Sabbahi’s al-Karama party was aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom ... that Sabbahi is calling for – including political parties like al-Karama, al-Destour, the Social Democratic ... Egypt's new Popular Current Party, under ...

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Egyptians Spoilt for Choice: Presidential Line-Up

Hamdeen Sabbahi – Journalist and founder of the Nasserist Al-Karama Party Hamdi Al-Sotouhi – ...

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Tunisia: cradle of Arab Spring still awaiting change

people, three members of the Al-Karama association – Arabic for dignity – are trying to figure out how ... with the creation of numerous parties,” says Pierre Vermeren, a historian specializing in the region. “The country ... constitution. But the political scene remains fragmented, with more than 90 parties and their leaders, many ...

17/06/2011 - 10:36 - comment 0

French flotilla boat, Dignity, sails from Gaza-friendly Greek island

were killed in a raid by Israeli commandos. Organizers said the Dignite/Al Karama was allowed ... Communist Party member. They have been joined by a Tunisian, a Greek, a Swede and a Canadian. One ...

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Egypt appoints 50-member secular committee to amend constitution

representing Nubians. 46. Mohamed Samy, head of the Al-Karama Party. 47. Abdallah al-Naggar, representing ... representatives who are under crackdown from security forces. Both Al-Azhar and Salafist Nour Party ... than 25th January.   The new draft banned the formation of political parties based on religion which ...

02/09/2013 - 08:34 - comment 0

Egypt's political forces unite to support Palestinian resistance

government, Mohamed Bassiouny, secretary-general of the Nasserist Al-Karama Party, stressed that "Gaza ... to head of Egypt Freedom Party Amr Hamzawy, instead of holding talks with Israel - which he says "has ... the Strong Egypt Party, the Egyptian Popular Current, the Way of the Revolution Front and the Constitution ...

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