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Senior Muslim Brotherhood figure quits after Syrian coalition congratulates Sisi

newly elected Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi. Ali Sadreddine Bayanouni , formerly the Supreme Guide ... of the Syrian people,” Bayanouni said in his resignation letter, which was widely circulated on pro-opposition ... only in regime-controlled areas. Bayanouni said his decision also followed repeated attempts ...

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Source: Syria, Muslim Brotherhood Held Reconciliation Talks

leader of Syria’s Brotherhood, Ali Sadreddin Bayanouni, met with Syrian officials where he “received ... to function in public as a charity.  For his part, Bayanouni set the condition that the so-called Article ... and opposition, the Islamists in particular.  Meanwhile, the source in Amman said that Bayanouni prefers ...

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Exiled leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Syria ready to hold peace talks with Israel

Ali Bayanouni said if his movement took power in Damascus it would be willing to hold peace talks The exiled leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria Ali Bayanouni said if his movement took power ... he told Reuters .   Bayanouni has recently allied with Syrian former Vice-President ...

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For first time since 1973 war: Israel fires into Syria

the Syrian National Council (SNC), indicated Sadreddine Bayanouni, former head of the Muslim Brotherhood ...

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Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Leader: Political Openness Meaningless If Human Rights Abused

of thousands of deportees,” said Ali Sadareddin Al BayanouniBayanouni cited a report by the Syrian Human ... country last year, “but there has been a relapse this year.”   Bayanouni added that the many political ... political life.   In a statement to from London at that time, Bayanouni described ...

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Muslim Brotherhood Assails Syria’s Decision to Silence Forums

movement, Mohammad Ali Bayanouni, described the decision as a way of dragging the country back to the era ... Islamist said.  Bayanouni was referring to statements dubbed the 1000-signature document and the 99 ...

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Syrian Islamists Call for Reconciliation, United Front against Israel

the fundamentalist group's leader, Ali Sadreddin Bayanuni, denounced the "threats" of Israeli Prime ...

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Group Leader: Syria Releases 30 Muslim Brotherhood Militants

organization active in north Africa and the Middle East, have been released, the organization’s leader, Ali Sadreddine al-Bayayouni, told AFP Thursday.  He said that, according to information directly from ...

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