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Sudan, Egypt sign agricultural accords

Attending the talks were Sudanese First Vice-President Ali Uthman Muhammad Taha and Egyptian Prime Minister ...

15/08/2010 - 14:50 - comment 0

Iraq's Ena'am Performs In Germany

musicians, such as Mohammed Ali Abbas playing on the violin, and Jordanian Orchestra Conductor Muhammad Uthman.   © 2010 Al Bawaba ( ) ...

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Hariri Tribunal Has A New Key Witness

the assumed name of “Muhammad,” got to know Abu Adas about two months before the assassination of Hariri ... leaving his home to meet “Muhammad.” According to data from the cellphone attributed to Oneissi, the latter made no calls that day, strengthening the investigators’ belief that he was “Muhammad.”   ...

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Fifty Palestinians released in Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange, arrested by Israeli army

Mahmoud Khalil, Ahmad Talib Silwadi, Taha Adel Shakhshir, Muhammad Shawqi Abd al-Nabi, Yaqub Ishtayya, ... and inhaling tear gas.Meanwhile, in the Salfit district, Israeli forces detained Othman Ali Hamdan Muslih from the village of al-Zawiya and Imad Abd al-Rahman Hasan al-Ali from Talfit. Both Muslih and al-Ali had been ...

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96 Palestinians released after arrest in Jerusalem

Muhammad Abu Khdeir.   Israeli Police released 96 Palestinians  Friday ... Abbasi, Ahed Abbasi Ziyad al-Qaq, Ali Abu Diab, Naim Hadiyeh, Mohammad Odeh, Luai Rajabi, Tariq Sarhan, Ahmad Awwad, Ali Hamdan, Hazim Castro, Ahmad Abu al-Hawa, Daoud Abbasi, Ihab Hamdan, Issam Najib, Fira ...

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The legacy of one of Palestine's most gifted poets

Palestinian poet, Taha Muhammad Ali). She adds: “ He seems to have possessed an uncanny gift for making ... characters, Taha Muhammad Ali, also a great Palestinian poet, shares the pain and void felt in Hussein's poems. In one of his poems, Taha wrote: Don’t aim your rifles at my happiness ...

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Iraq: New trial of former Saddam aides starts

Ali" and 14 others faced charges of crimes against humanity for the crushing of a Shiite uprising after the Saddam Hussein's cousin known as "Chemical Ali" and 14 others faced charges of crimes ... and the former defense minister Ali Hassan al-Majid, who gained the nickname "Chemical Ali" after ...

17/05/2010 - 20:50 - comment 0

Iraq Tribunal Chooses Speed over Justice in Final Ruling

Charges against Muhammad Azzawi Ali, a former Ba'ath party member from Dujail, were dismissed ... the verdicts and sentences of seven defendants, including Saddam Hussein. The exception was Taha Yasin Ramadan, ... Prime Minister, and later Vice President and head of the Ba’ath Popular Army, Taha Yasin Ramadan; ...

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