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Mahmoud Abed Al Aziz denies intimate scenes with Hind Sabri

the director of the film Amr Salameh has nominated Sabri to star in his newest film “Asma.”        ...

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Spring Music Fest opened in Palestine

launched in the Palestinian City of Shafa Amr under the banner “People’s Culture Part of their Survival”. The Arab Music Spring Festival has recently been launched in the Palestinian City of Shafa Amr under ... is the Palestinian artist Lubna Salameh who is characterized with singing terza merza and the original Arab heritage ...

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Nourhanne guest of tomorrow and the future

for the show “Sahar Al Laiali” with Karen Salameh on the Lebanese satellite channel ‘Future TV’ Lebanese singer Nourhanne has filmed a special episode for the show “Sahar Al Laiali” with Karen Salameh ... Amr Sari and more.   The singer is in a dilemma with regards to which song she wants to film ...

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Lebanese Folkdancers Dazzle Cairo

Amr Mousa, Egyptian Minister of Culture Farouq Hosni and his Lebanese counterpart Ghassan Salameh ...

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Nicole Saba creates a gang

with the Egyptian comedian Hani Ramzi. The series is written by Saleh Sharshar and directed by Amr Abdeen, and also ... film “Al Safah” (The Murderer), also starring the Egyptian actor Hani Salameh, Khaled Al Sawi, Basem ...

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Violence in Palestine Surges amid Calls to Escalate Intifada, Prepare for War

buried Tuesday afternoon Rujayah Salameh, the Israeli soldiers who was shot dead Monday afternoon near Rafah by a Palestinian sniper. Salameh's family called on the press to refrain from covering ... the agency.  Nabil Amr, minister of parliamentary affairs, was quoted as saying the Palestinians were ready ...

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