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Taking over the stage: Maii Waleed set to perform unconventional music in Egypt

that reflects her place in society is  Ana Mesh Men Hena  ('I am not from here'), in which she ...

17/09/2013 - 10:54 - comment 0

بالفيديو: مسيحية مصرية تقول بأن السلفيين ناس جهلة

we messe7yeen 7arbo ma3 el moslemeen fe aktar men 7arb we kano e5wan 3ashan kano 3arab we e7na mesh ... wade7 enk la te3rfy 7aga 3an deneek wala 3an dena aslun we btw ana muslem el 7amdu lelah .. 5aleky enty ... اللى انتى هتتحرمى منها انتى واللى زيك ان شاء الله ana 3awez a2ool 7aga ya gama3 ana 3awez a2ool ...

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