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No 'sexy time' for Polish Ania Lisewska in Lebanon no more

Too bad for Polish sex-adventurer Ania Lisewska as she was denied entry into Lebanon; Would you give up your phone for a 10% meal discount?; Al Zaatari Camp, a real tragedy. ...

Blogs Roundup - 25/09/2013 - 13:05 - comment 0

She wants a piece of you: Polish sex-addict Ania Lisewska coming to Lebanon

In her quest to sleep with 100,000 men, Polish Ania Lisewska is on her way to Lebanon to have her some of those hunky Lebanese men; Luxury brand Hermes launches new cool app which allows you to play around with their products; The Jewelled Kitchen cookbook ...

Blogs Roundup - 24/09/2013 - 11:37 - comment 0

No visa for this va-jay-jay! Lebanon plays hard to get with Polish sex tourist

Ania Lisewska, the Polish woman on a quest to have sex ... Ania Lisewska. This young Polish lass had high hopes of tallying 100,000 notches on her bedpost ... © 2013 Al Bawaba ( Poor old Ania Lisewska.This young ...

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Can this Polish woman sex-up the Middle East with her 100,000 man-strong world shagathon?

21-year old Ania Lisewska has confessed that she loves "sex, fun and men" and wants to have sex with "men from all around the world" , the Huffington Post reported. Lisewska, who started her ...

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