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Lateness in London, monkeys in Munich: What will Bieber do in Dubai?

There was lateness in London, monkeys in Munich and accusations of inappropriateness at Anne Frank’s in Amsterdam. ... But if Bieber really wants some peace and quiet while in the UAE, then Martin Duff knows the score. Escaping ... the golf pro let the ‘Beauty and a Beat’ star win on a round at Sharjah? “No way,” said Duff.  By ...

29/04/2013 - 05:47 - comment 0

Should expats in the GCC be allowed to work flexible hours?

such a concept would be for a market like the UAE, Ann Duff, Managing Director of Dubai-based InRetail ... as it allows students and other people only available to work limited hours to be employed. Duff said, ... also reduce the workload of full-time employees in the retail and hospitality industry, Duff said. ...

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