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Dina Hayek’s birthday surprise

Elaph, “A Qamar Bethato” was written by Munir Bo Asaf, composed by Rowad Ra’ed and distributed by Basem ...

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Basima in Nigeria

by Muhammad Abed Al Mine’m and distributed by Basem Munir. Basima’s last video clip for the song “Ana Basima” ...

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Basima sets conditions for marriage

Adel, composed by Muhammad Abed Al Munim and distributed by Basem Munir.  Filming took place ... by Muhammad Abed Al Munim and distributed by Basem Mu Lebanese dancer Basima has ...

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Dina Hayek tests her new video clip

of My Heart). According to the London daily Elaph, the song was written by Munir Boasaf, composed ... area, under the direction of Basem Maghnyeh.  The new clip is scheduled to be aired on music ...

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Dancer Basima’s new song

and distributed by Basem Munir.  The filming of the new clip will take place in Cairo with a special Egyptian ...

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Unique Egyptian Filmfest to Showcase ‘Cairo Through the Eyes of the Cinema’

by Yosef Shahin.  - Al Madinah (The City) directed by Badri Nasrallah and starring Basem Alsamrah.  ... by Khairy Bishara and costarring Faten Hamamah, Mohammed Munir and Abla Kamel.  - Al Futuwwah (Bully) ...

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