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Syria's Political Leaders Pledge Support to Bashar's Candidacy at Baath Congress

pledged cooperation with Baath party to support Bashar’s candidacy and a war waged against corruption in the country.  President of the Social Unionist Party, Fayez Ismael, said that “external and internal powers have plotted conspiracies against the country.” He addressed Bashar as president.  In a letter read ...

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Sulaf Fawakherji serves up Syrian war defiance in “Waiting for Autumn”

in cooperation with writers Abdel Latif Abedl Hamid and Ali Wajeeh. The film stars Sulaf, Bashar Ismael, Kamel ...

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Syrian President to Visit Sudan in ‘Coming Days’

Syrian President Bashar Assad will pay an official visit to Sudan in the coming days. Syrian President Bashar Assad will pay ... bilateral and regional talks especially the Middle East peace process.  Ismael said that Khartoum ...

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Nadin to Play Domineering Woman Saddled With Lame Husband

and screenwriter Mamdouh Hamada, according to the Syria Times.   Starring in series is Bashar Ismael, who plays ...

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Following Tel Aviv bombing: Israel kills four Palestinians in Nablus

camp, and killed Bashar Jabara, 12.    Also in the West Bank, Israeli troops wounded Monday four ... that Rafiq Abu Hassan, 36, and Ismael Abu Hussien sustained burns in the limbs and the face when ...

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Arafat biopic, 99 superheroes, Arab communities abroad come to life in DIFF Arabian Nights showcase

Goldfish , which narrates the story of a nine-year-old Palestinian refugee Bashar, who decides to take ... the life of Ismael, whose son was shot by an Israeli sniper. In the agony lies the story of the birth of Palestinian cinema, which Marcus, Ismael, and Fakhri, a local from Jenin, discover through the complex ...

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