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Fairouz, Ziad Rahbani Surprise Their Fans in the New Year

singer were Shoo Bkhaf, Sabah Wa Masaa, and Byithaakkar Fi Al Khareef (He Remembers in Autumn). All ... Wallah and Manaha De Carnival for the song Shoo Bkhaf and the cadence Cosma for the song Byithakkar Fi Al ... developed it into a more or less a spiritual song or anthem, according to the Arabic daily Al Hayat.   ...

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Nawras CEO visits Salalah to set out plans for khareef festival

network coverage, but we are also addressing specific customer needs, such as WiFi and also having ... © 2014 Al Bawaba ( ) (BUSINESS, IT & Telecom) ...

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Double the "Action"! Sulaf Fawakherji films two movies in one year

Fawakherji completed filming scenes for her upcoming film “Fi Intithat Al Khareef (Waiting for Autumn) ... film “Fi Intithat Al Khareef (Waiting for Autumn) with director Jud Said, the "ball ... into filming her other new movie “Al Umm” (The Mother). In "Waiting for Autumn,"  Sulaf  plays ...

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Sulaf Fawakherji serves up Syrian war defiance in “Waiting for Autumn”

"Fi Intithar Al Khareef" (Waiting for Autumn) with director Jud Saeed. In the film, Sulaf ... Syrian film "Fi Intithar Al Khareef" (Waiting for Autumn) with director Jud Saeed. ... Najma, Janaser Murqabi, Ruba Al Halabi, Rana Reesheh, Ghufran Khudoor, Riham Qasar, Suzan Sakkaf and Lama ...

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Egyptian actors “acting” greedily this Ramadan as they break agreements and take up more than one role

Khareef lan Ya’ti Abadan”, Hassan Yousuf in “Imam Al Da’wa”, Samira Ahmad in “Ameera fi Abdeen”. Yahia Al ... in three series, “Juha Al Masri” (The Egyptian Juha), “Yahia Al Adl” (Long Lives Justice), and “Wal Khareef ... have not stuck to the agreements in anyway according to the Egyptian daily Al Akhbar. Most actors ...

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