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Private schools spending in the GCC expected to reach $12 billion in 2020

regarding school quality, and inconsistent application of regulations,” said Chadi N. Moujaes, Partner at Management Consulting Firm Booz & Company. According to Moujaes, the region's growth ... Education MENA throughout the event as well as at the presentation on day one (12.20PM) by Chadi N Moujaes ...

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Diversifying economies: A continuous quest for balance

A perfect case in point of the dangers of over-concentration,” said Chadi N. Moujaes, Principal, Booz & ...

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A decade of opportunity – The Coming Expansion of the Private-school Market in the GCC

of the private-school market thus far. “Specific measures can help address these challenges,” says Chadi N. Moujaes ... and procedures available to the education community,” said Moujaes. “But there is a notable perception among ...

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Economic Diversification: The Road to Sustainable Development

diversification,” said Chadi N. Moujaes, a Principal with Booz & Company.  Only 5 percent of Dubai’s GDP came ... commented Moujaes. Underperformance is persistent across GCC economies and productive sectors. Even ... and disruptive competition” Moujaes commented. • Use the metrics of economic concentration ...

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Education is a big business in the GCC

these challenges,” says Chadi N. Moujaes, a partner with Booz & Company. “Governments should clarify ... are driven or compounded by a perceived opaque regulatory regime. Moujaes says, “There is a notable ...

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INSEAD holds inaugural ‘Global Business Leaders Conference’ in Abu Dhabi

Maki, Executive Director, Planning & Strategic Affairs, Abu Dhabi Education Council; Chadi Moujaes ...

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Arab World ‘needs to create 75 million jobs’

with meaningful jobs so as to truly reap the benefits of this economic potential,” said Chadi Moujaes, partner ... a significant, positive impact on job creation across the Arab World,” said Moujaes. It is large employers, ...

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Booz Allen Hamilton: ICT parks offer fast-track development approach for the Middle East

and facilities, a definition adapted from the International Association of Science Parks.   Chadi Moujaes ...

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