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Too hard to handle: Lebanese authorities ban award-winning film for being shot in Israel

Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri said his movie ... Aviv and using Israeli actors. Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri said Saturday ... that the Interior Minister of Lebanon, Minister (Marwan) Charbel, has decided to punish us and the film by banning ...

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Lebanon: Unity government holds first meeting

Boutros Harb, Tarek Metri, Mohammed Fneish, Jean Ogassapian, Wael Abou Faour, Ziad Baroud, Jebran Bassil, Ali al-Shami, Charbel Nahas, Salim al-Sayegh, Raya al-Hafar, Youssef Saade. The committee will hold ...

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Lebanese markets looking resilient following PM's resignation

government.” Given the short-lived tenures of technocrats like Ziad Baroud and Charbel Nahhas in government ...

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Beirut: The stage for intelligent filmmaking

ladder reside India and Malak (Carol Hajj and Charbel Ziade). Though Malak’s line of work is vague, his ...

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