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Limited freedoms: Post-Revolutionary Egypt has MORE sexual harassment

in these initiatives, and we’re still not sure about their efficacy,” Abd el-Hameed said. The way forward, states ... there is a general lack of legal and medical support available to victims, Dalia Abd el-Hameed, gender and women’s ... traumatize the survivors,” women’s rights officer, el-Hameed added. Many women are resorting ...

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Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University honors winners of 5th Pan- Arab Media Quality Award

and digital media in both Arabic and English formats. The list of this year’s winners include: Heba Abd El Hamed from Alam Rakamy Website, Egypt, in the ‘Digital Media’ category; Siham Chafai from Al Fujairah ...

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Dalia Al Buhairi’s dreams postponed

of the new television drama “Ahlam Mashbooha” (Suspicious dreams) starring Egyptian actress Dalia Al Buhairi ... dreams) starring Egyptian actress Dalia Al Buhairi. Filming of the scenes was previously scheduled to begin in the upcoming days.   The drama stars Dalia, Hassan Al Radad, Raja’ Al Jadawi ...

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Dalia Al Buhairi in a new drama

Egyptian actress Dalia Al Buhairi will begin filming ... Egyptian actress Dalia Al Buhairi will begin filming the scenes for her new television drama “Ahlam ... Raja Al Jadawi, Sameerah Abd Al Aziz and Rami Waheed will costar alongside Diala.   ...

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Stars pay Boussy their condolences

the stars that were present are actors Mahmoud Abd Al Aziz and his wife Journalist Boussy Shalabi, Salah ... Budayr, Mohammad Abd Al Hafez and Muhsin Ahmad.   The actresses that were present are Mervat Ameen, Dalal Abd Al Aziz and her daughters Dunia and Amy, Nabila Obeid, Fifi Abdo, resigned actress ...

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Angham loses her memory with a blink of an eye

past.   The drama stars Egyptian actress Dalia Al Buhairi, Ahmad Wafeeq, Shareef Ramzi, Najla Badr, Mohammad AL Shaqanqari and Fadia Abd Al Ghani. The story is written by Fida Al Shandaweeli, ...

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Contemporary dance kids strut their stuff in Cairo

by Dalia El Abd , which was based on synchronisation. The piece showed the dancers’ ability to move ...

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X-Rated Ramadan TV show "Minors" stuns Arab viewers

professor Sheikh Nayef Abd Rabbu, who serves as an advisor at the Ministry of Social Solidarity. ... texts and the hadith, as it is actually old customs and traditions that drive these marriages, Abd Rabbu ... written by Samah el-Hariri and stars al-Saadani, Dalia al-Buhairi, Yasser Galal, Menna Arafa, Malak Ahmed ...

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Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Honours Winners of 9th Arab Journalism Awards

Awards, presented the Investigative Reporting Award to Samah Abd Al Mo’ti and Ali Zalat from the Masri Al ... magazine.   Dalia Saudi from the Egyptian magazine Wajahat Nathar received the award in the Press ... presented the Photo Journalism category award to Khalil Abd Al Qadir, a Palestinian freelance photographer ...

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